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20 Photos You Should Be Taking With Your Mobile Phone Camera

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When it comes to using your mobile phone to take photos, or record videos, do you use it just for fun, or do you use your mobile phone camera to help you record important information?

Here’s what I mean by that.

How many times have you I arrived at the front desk of a hotel, exhausted from a long trip, only to be asked for the license plate number of the rental car I’m driving, before we can proceed with check-in?

I’d say that numbers in the bazillions – or so it seems, doesn’t it?

Unless you were wisely thinking ahead between the ride from the rental car office and your hotel, and memorized “your” new car’s plate number, you’ll have to lug those bags back out to the car.

Exhausted, you will grab a pen and piece of paper, jot down the license plate number and bring it, and all your luggage, back inside to the front desk.

But why not just take a picture of the license plate before you even enter the hotel?

Yes, it took me many trips back and forth between my car, and a hotel front desk, to finally remember to take a photo of my license plate before checking into a hotel.

The last time this happened it got me wondering what other circumstances I find myself in where the use of a mobile phone to take photos of important numbers or information, could help me out in an emergency, or simply save me some time.

So I came up with a list of items that, in my opinion, are things you should be taking photos of, with your mobile phone camera.

Hope this helps!

(now…if only I can remember to do all these things myself!)

Mobile Phone Camera

License Plate ~ Take a photo of your license plate. Not only for the hotel front desk but, for when you take your car in for repairs, or for anywhere that you go where you will be asked your license plate number. Because, admit it, rental car company aside, sometimes we even have problems remembering our own plate numbers!

Car Mileage ~ This always happens to me. I park the car, walk in to the service centre, and they always want to know what the mileage is on my car. And I always forget. Take a photo of the mileage reading before you head inside.

Accident Scene ~ Remember, at the scene of an accident, you’re not supposed to discuss details. Leave that up to the police. What you can do (if you aren’t injured) is snap some photos on your phone for reference purposes later.

Parking Lots ~ Tell me I’m not the only one who parks their car at the mall and then totally forgets where I parked it when I come out? I know for a fact I’m not. I’ll tell you the story some time that involves my parents and their old minivan…and getting into someone else’s minivan in the same parking lot! Take a photo of the area around you, or a sign in the parking level you are on, if you are in a hospital, airport, or hotel parking garage.

Room/Home Decor ~ Looking to paint or redecorate a room in your home? Before you head to the store, take a photo of your room from a few different angles. This can help you decide what colour of paint to choose, what throw pillows to buy, etc.

Grocery List ~ Like to jot down needed grocery items on a paper list? Rather than bringing the piece of paper with you, before you go grocery shopping, take a photo of your list.

Something Borrowed ~ Ever lend something to a friend or family member and forget to get it back from them? Take a photo of anything you lend out, as a reminder, so you don’t forget to ask for it back later.

Appointment Cards ~ Those appointment cards you get from your doctor/dentist? I don’t know about you but, I often lose those by the time I need them. Take a photo of the card and keep it on your phone for reference. This is especially handy if you are responsible for getting an elderly family member to their appointments. They can keep the card but, you’ll have a photo of it on your phone.

Your Kids ~ Heading to the waterpark? Amusement park? Any place where there are a lot of people, and a chance your child could become separated from you, take a photo of them before you leave for your day of fun. If they get lost, you will have a current photo to show park staff what they look like, and what they were wearing that day.

Luggage ~ Jetting off to the sunny south? Before you go, take a photo of the inside and outside of your packed luggage, for reference purposes, in case your luggage gets lost or damaged.

Passport/Driver’s License/Credit Cards ~ If you’ve ever lost your precious documents while traveling, you will understand why it’s a good idea to take photos of your documents before leaving home. Be sure to use an app locker on your phone to keep this information safe and private.

Sale Items ~ Before you run to the cash with that must-have item you found on deep deep discount, take a photo of it on the shelf showing the sale price – just in case you get up to the cash and the price rings up wrong. Trust me, this has happened to me on several occasions.

Recipes ~ Running to the store to pick up some last-minute items for that recipe you just decided to make? Don’t waste time writing out what you need. Take a photo of the recipe on your mobile phone.

WiFi Router ~ Want to share your WiFi password with visiting friends or family? Don’t struggle like I have trying to get in behind my router to read those little passwords numbers. Keep your WiFi password handy by keeping a photo of it on your mobile phone. Don’t forget to keep this number hidden using an app locker!

Honey-Do List ~ You can take a photo of your honey-do list but…more importantly…take a photo of the actual items your honey is asking you to pick up from the store. No need to call and ask what exact product you were supposed to pick up, just refer to your photo.

Items To Be Repaired ~ Ever taken something apart and then not remembered how to put it back together? Take a photo before you start your repair, and perhaps some during the process. You may be glad you did!

Valuables/Household Contents ~ You never know when you may need proof of what you owned, in case of theft, a break-in, a fire, etc. Take it from my cousin who once had to try to remember, and write out, a very long list of possessions that were taken during a break-in, for his insurance company.

Clothing Tags ~ Shopping for the kids, your spouse, or other family members? Take a photo of the tags on the back of their clothing so you can remember what sizes they wear when you are out shopping.

Keepsakes & Household Items ~ Trying to declutter your home? Find it hard to get rid of keepsakes and household items that you’ve hung onto for a long time, which are no longer useful to you? Take a photo of the items before you donate, sell, or dispose of them. That way you can still enjoy looking at the item, and enjoy the memories of what the item represents, while helping to decluttering your home.

A Cut Of Meat ~ …or anything your spouse has asked you to pick up at the store. I once overheard a conversation in the meat department between a husband and wife. The husband was trying to describe, over the phone, what he had found at the meat counter, and neither was sure that was what the wife wanted him to pick up. A quick photo sent by text, would have avoided this long, drawn out conversation.

And there you have it, 20 photos you should be taking with your mobile phone camera.

Oh wait. I just thought of another.

Make that 21.

Taking your valuable jewellery in for a cleaning or appraisal? Take a few close up photos before you take them in and leave them in the hands of your local jewellery store.

I bet you have some great suggestions for photos that we should all be taking on our mobile phone cameras.

Share your suggestions with us!

  1. January 21, 2017

    Teresa Coppens

    This is such a practical list. I already do this for my license plate although it also took me a while to figure this out. Another one to add for going to get your car serviced is taking a photo of your car VIN number. I’ve often been asked for that! Thanks Sandy for the tips!

    • January 21, 2017


      Thanks Teresa! Glad you like the list! Yes! Great suggestion (VIN)…I have definitely had that happen as well. And that’s a big long number I’m never going to memorize, lol. Thanks so much for stopping by to leave your tip!

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