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Got Gear? SwaggerTag It! #Review #Giveaway

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I admit it. I’m obsessive when it comes to labeling my Rubbermaid containers.  For me, my reusable containers just seem to have a way of disappearing, kind of like socks out of the dryer.  The containers leave the house, never to be seen again. Whether they get sent home full of leftovers with friends or family, thrown out by accident (seriously…how does that happen?), or they go MIA at X-Man’s school, a full set of containers never seems to last me more than 6 months.

People ( better half) make fun of me for my container obsession.  I can’t help it though…losing containers bugs me, lol.  I use them because they are supposed to be just that – reusable! But, if they don’t come home, how can you reuse them? I’m sure you can feel my pain!  Bet it happens to you too.

After months of losing numerous containers I finally decided to get smart…and label them all. Guess what? It works! I’m no longer losing containers at the speed of light.

Rubbermaid containers aren’t the only things that need labeling around the house.  How about luggage?  Hands up.  How many of you have a large black luggage bag that goes here, there, and everywhere with you? My hand is up! I own one of those.  Ever try to find your own black luggage bag from baggage claim at the airport? It can be next to impossible at times.  It seems EVERYONE owns black luggage.

Introducing the latest attachment to my luggage bag – the SWAGGERTAG!  I’m happier than a woodpecker in a lumber yard now that I have one of these great little identification tags clipped to my luggage!

Designed by entrepreneur, Karen Walker, SwaggerTags are fun, colourful, durable, and fully customizable identification tags for just about any personal items you wish to tag.  They are great for luggage, hockey bags, knapsacks, purses, and even things like bikes, strollers, and camping gear!

From their website, a little bit about the award-winning SwaggerTags:

  • Top 12 Finalist in Canada’s 2014 Mompreneur of the Year Award(and only repeat Finalist)

  • 2013 Top Choice of the Year Award from Creative Toy Magazine

  • Second Place & Top 10 Finalist in Canada’s 2013 Mompreneur of the Year Award

  • 2012 Top Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine

Each SwaggerTag comes with 1 SwaggerTag unit, 2 Protectors, 1 ID Circle, 1 Circle Template and 3 Cable Ties. They come in a variety of great colours.  I received SwaggerTags in Gekco Green, Dolphin Blue, Hot Pink, Mustang Purple, Dragon Red and Spider Grey:


I was super excited to open my package and find that Karen had already made me some custom ID circles with my logo on them…all ready to be inserted into my new SwaggerTags!  These are great for any business wanting to custom brand their SwaggerTag, the SwaggerTag website offers several customer branding options to suit your needs.

SwaggerTags come with easy-to-follow instructions which are printed on the back of each package:


As you can see, from start to finish, it is easy to install your own SwaggerTag. They open easily, snap together, and hold your information securely.  Attaching them to your gear with the zip ties is effortless.  I put this one on my purse simply because I want to use this one as a mini advertisement. I cut off the long end of the zip tie and love how it looks on my purse.



SwaggerTags are “ water, weather and impact resistant, with strong attachment points and ties to ensure they will stay with your gear.”   Of course mine came with the customized circles, however, if you aren’t sure what you want to place in the window of your SwaggerTag, you can find all sorts of great printable options on the SwaggerTag website.  I happen to like the flag printables.  I may just have to print one of those Canadian Flags for one of my SwaggerTags! 

Of course, one of the key features of SwaggerTags is the fact that each SwaggerTag comes with an ID Circle which allows you to fill in your personal details, like your address and phone number,  so that someone can contact you if they find your missing gear. What I love about SwaggerTags is that, unlike many other luggage tags (or those awful paper tags provided at airports), SwaggerTags DO NOT display your personal information out in the open for all to see.  Your information stays discretely closed inside the SwaggerTag itself.

Upon browsing through the SwaggerTag website, I noticed a few more items of interest that I think are worth noting.  SwaggerTags “are manufactured with food-grade materials. They are bisphenol-free and contain no paints.”  SwaggerTags offer a  SwaggerTag Refurbish Kit, which includes everything you need to update your swagger (for when you change your address, etc).  There’s no need to replace the entire SwaggerTag when you move.  I love this idea because it’s easier on the environment!

Summer is just around the corner and soon kids will be heading off to summer camp.  There’s no better time to scoop up some of these great SwaggerTags and make sure all your kids’ camp gear gets SwaggerTagged…and returns safely home with them!

SwaggerTags can be purchased online or at a retailer near you.  For Ottawa residents like me, SwaggerTags can be purchased at local retailers including Kiddie Kobbler on St. Laurent, and ReadiSetGo in The Glebe.

SwaggerTag owner, Karen Walker, has generously offered up a 6-pack of SwaggerTags to one lucky Canadian Blog House reader!

Here’s how you can enter for your chance to WIN:

a Rafflecopter giveaway






Disclosure:  Canadian Blog House received the above-mentioned SwaggerTags in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own.



  1. June 11, 2014

    Angela Mitchell

    I’d love to SwaggerTag my daughter’s sports equipment, bags, and school supplies. She is contstantly losing her stuff this year!

  2. June 9, 2014


    I would swaggertag all my kids summer camp stuff!

  3. June 7, 2014

    Valery K.

    I love Swagger Tag and have recommended Karen to several of my customers looking for personalized ID tags.

    • June 8, 2014


      I love to hear this, Valery! So glad you are recommending them to clients. I’ve got my red one on my purse right now and have had many people ask about it 🙂 Thanks for entering!

  4. June 2, 2014

    michelle tremblett

    I would swagger tag my kids everything !!! They never come home from school with what they went with, drives me nuts :/

    • June 5, 2014


      LOL!! I shouldn’t laugh (’cause I can totally relate!) but I loved your comment, Michelle 🙂 Yep, like me, you need SwaggerTags! Thanks for entering!

  5. June 1, 2014


    Keeping things together has never been a problem for me. my husband loses everything though. he is always helping someone out and there fore he takes his tools. These would be used to separate his from the others

    • June 2, 2014


      Hubby sounds like a great guy, Darlene – always helping others out. Yes…he sure sounds like he needs some SwaggerTags to keep track of all his tools 🙂 Thanks for entering!

  6. May 31, 2014

    Lisa bolduc

    I would like to do my cell phone. Lol. But I would do my son’s outdoor toys. And his coat and bag

    • June 2, 2014


      LOL….oh oh….sounds like you have trouble keeping track of your phone, Lisa? Thanks for entering!

  7. May 30, 2014

    Marilyn Legault

    My knapsack that I always travel with and yes I’ve lost too many things to list that weren’t labelled. You’d think I’d learn my lesson the first time 🙂

    • May 30, 2014


      Lol…well if you are like me, Marilyn, you always think it won’t happen again…but it does 🙂 Thanks for entering!

  8. May 30, 2014

    Lynda Cook

    I do feel your pain, I have lost so many containers it’s not funny, other than that I don’t lose to much, but hubby on the other hand seems to lose everything, he’s always forgetting where he put stuff, I love these tags though but not sure about what I would tag yet, probably my eye glass case I’m always leaving that behind

    • May 30, 2014


      Glad I have some company with my container issues, Lynda! Lol! Poor hubby. Yes, that’s a great idea for your case (as long as it has something to hook the SwaggerTag on to). Thanks for entering!

  9. May 30, 2014

    Christine Topley

    I have never lost anything due to the fact that hubby is a salesman and we own a laminating machine and have luggage tags on EVERYTHING!!. That being said I adore these! They are cute and fun and something I would definitely have them on my luggage when I go on a business trip or my phone or anything else that I deem invaluable to me. I love that I could customize them and have my website logo place on them!!!

    • May 30, 2014


      Now that’s smart, Christine!! You’re right…SwaggerTags are super cute and I just love the colours. As a blogger, I’m like you, I love how you can place your logo on your SwaggerTag 🙂 Thanks for entering!!

  10. May 30, 2014

    Joy M.

    my kid’s backpack and lunch bag! i hate losing stuff – drives me nuts! i can’t think of anything in particular that i have lost – i am pretty careful, but when i do, it makes me real mad! lol!

    • May 30, 2014


      LOL you sound just like me, Joy! I hate losing stuff…or better yet, thinking I’ve lost something, buying another to replace it, then the old one mysteriously shows up. Grrr! Hehehe. Thanks for entering!

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