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Life’s Good When You Own A LG G2 Phone #Review #Giveaway #LGG2

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LG G2-01[20130807152157315]

I’m in love with something new.  It’s tall, dark, and full of beautiful features.  It lights up the minute I touch it, and makes me feel so special every time I talk to it – it copies my every word.  It provides me with unending entertainment, and allows me to stay in close contact with my family and friends.  Sadly, our short time together is coming to a close.  *Sigh*… I’ve fallen deeply in love with my LG G2 phone and I just don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s gone.

I entered the world of owning my own cell phone for the first time just over 3 1/2 years ago.  I really don’t know what I ever did without one.  My cell phone is my lifeline to friends and family when I’m away from my house.  When I was in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, it kept me sane.  I used to only care if my cellphone could make a phone call.  Now a cell phone is so much more to me than that.  I need a cellphone that can connect me to the internet, allow me to process my emails, view my blog and help me to produce pictures that are blog-worthy.

Lucky for me, I was recently chosen to review LG’s new G2 cell phone.  I was pretty excited about this opportunity.  I’ve been using my “old” Smart Phone for years now and,  quite frankly, with technology advancing at such a rapid pace these days, my Smart Phone is already a “dinosaur” in the cell phone world. It has served me well but….

“I’m sorry my old Smart Phone….it has been 3 long years and it’s time for you to go.”

So what do I love about the LG G2 phone. Everything.  Really.  During the 2 weeks I have been testing the LG G2 phone, there’s nothing I’ve found that I don’t love about it.

Let me start by telling you about the phenomenal camera that comes with the LG G2.  I put this camera to work and it did not disappoint.  The quality of the photos and videos I took using the LG G2 phone are exceptional.  Of course my dog, Bella, would tell you (if she could) that the pictures are beautiful because of the subject in the pictures, lol.

Showcasing Bella, here are some of the first photos I took with the LG G2 phone:


I found the quality of the LG G2 phone camera to be so excellent that I did not feel the need to edit my photos in any way.  I found the auto settings to be perfectly fine for the photos I was taking.  If you are a fan of having a little fun with the pictures you take, the LG G2 phone has some great options for that.  You can use the camera to take panorama shots, time catch shots, sports shots, night shots and much more.

I discovered I could take multiple shots at once, meaning that I could focus on a subject, hold my finger on the button, and the camera would take a series of photos of my subject until I lifted my finger off.  What a great feature if you are looking to take an action shot!

As a Blogger, I’m always needing to take photos of my review products, and experiences, to share with my readers.  Until now, I’ve been relying on my boyfriend’s wonderful 1080HP digital camera, which takes lovely photos.  The problem is, having to carry around a camera and a cell phone can be cumbersome.  I have a camera on my Smart Phone, but the photos it produces are so incredibly bad that…well…I don’t even want to go there with you.  So I’m forever wandering around with both my boyfriend’s camera and my cell phone.  For the past 2 weeks I have felt a new sense of freedom having a great cell phone and great camera all rolled into one!


Topping off the awesome camera on the LG G2 phone is the brilliant display that is so crisp and clear, images just pop out at you.  As the Key has been moved to the back of the LG G2 phone, this allows the stunning screen to take centre stage.

So what, other than the camera and display, do I love about the LG G2 cell phone?

  • Rear Key – I’m a big fan of the Rear Key feature.  Why?  Well, it allows me to turn the phone on and off, turn the volume up and down, and take photos, all with the touch of one finger.  As the owner of a Smart Phone that requires the use of both hands to take a photo, this is one of my favourite features of the LG G2 cell phone.

  • Size Of Screen – The display is plenty big enough for viewing photos, videos, websites and games, yet not too big for my small hands.  This is important.  When it comes to cell phones, I need a great display screen, but the phone still needs to be small enough to be what it’s meant to be – a phone!

  • Text Messaging – I do a lot of texting so this feature is important to me.  I found the LG G2 auto-correct works well (unlike the auto-correct on my existing Smart Phone), and I love how each text displays on my screen: large and easy to read.

  • Voice-to-Text Function – Love this!  This is a function I don’t have on my Smart Phone.  It was terrific to be able to talk to my phone and have it text for me.  Voice-to-Text is much faster and more accurate than using my finger to text.  The Voice-to-Text function on this LG G2 cell phone made no mistakes during my review.

  • Easy Share Via Email and Social Media Channels – I was able to share my photos and videos with ease. The LG G2 camera would be perfect for use with Instagram.  Right now, it feels like I am the only Instagram virgin in the world, as I cannot get Instagram to work with my Smart Phone.  I need a phone like the LG G2 that will allow me to share my photos with ease via all my social media channels.


Personally, I found the video function on the LG G2 phone to be amazing.  Why do I say this?  Well, I happened to catch Bella on video using the LG G2 when she decided to “go nuts” and exercise herself in the house.  As you can see, the action is fast and furious, but I think the LG G2 does a great job at keeping up with Bella (it’s the videographer that needs some help!).  If I had tried to film this same scene using my Smart Phone, all you would see in a non-stop blurred video.

 I loved having a video camera that I could actually use, and use it I did.  My poor dad was in the line of fire for my very first test of the LG G2 video function.  I must tell you, my father is 86-years-young, and is prone to falling asleep at the drop of a hat.  He spends many hours a day snoozing comfortably in his favourite chair. While showing my mum and aunt the LG G2 phone, we noticed that my dad had fallen asleep.  It’s a running joke in our family that dad always wakes up from these little naps and immediately says “I wasn’t sleeping”, and we can never convince him otherwise.  Well guess what, dad, you’ve been caught on video by the LG G2! There’s no denying it now!  Apparently, even the antics of Rob Ford can’t keep my dad awake…

By the way, I did warn my dad that this video was going to be uploaded to YouTube, that it would likely go viral,  and to expect calls from tv and radio stations.  It’s too bad I wasn’t videotaping the look on his face when I told him this, lol.  I love my dad….he’s such a good sport!

My boyfriend owns a competitor’s brand name cell phone, so he was eager to test the LG G2 phone as well. His thoughts? Although he is happy with his existing phone, he much prefers the size and the display screen on the LG G2 phone.  He noticed a big difference in the quality of the display and photos with the LG G2 phone vs his existing phone.

My boyfriend’s current cell phone has a large display, but it turns out that he finds it too big. To him, the LG G2 phone display is just the right size.  He says it is more comfortable to hold on to, and to use as a phone. He’s also a big fan of the Rear Key on the LG G2 phone.  Because there are no buttons on the sides of the LG G2 phone, you don’t run the risk of disconnecting your call by accidently pushing buttons with your fingers (something that happens frequently to him with his current cell phone).


One of his biggest pieces of advice when it comes to the LG G2 is that, if you purchase this phone, be sure to buy a protective cover (specifically made for the LG G2) for your phone.   With such a fantastic camera on this phone, you will want to make sure you protect it from scratches.  My boyfriend made the mistake of not buying a cover for his current phone and, after a year’s worth of use, the lens is damaged to the point that you cannot take a decent photo with it.  You don’t want to make that mistake with the LG G2.

I could literally write a book about all the features contained within the LG G2 cell phone.  After having spent 2 weeks exploring the LG G2 phone, I still haven’t been able to use all the available features on this phone. The LG G2 is jam-packed with all kinds of greatness!  Want to know more about this fabulous phone?  Be sure to check out all the hardware, design and features specs found here on the LG G2 website.

I have been an LG fan for a few years now.  I own a LG Washer and Dryer, and a LG flat screen TV.  I did not hesitate to buy those LG products – they all came with a good rating.  But honestly, until now, I had never even considered buying an LG cell phone.  After having this great cell phone in my hot little hands for 2 weeks, the LG G2 now sits firmly at the top of my list of possible cell phone choices.


I’ve fallen so deeply in love with the LG G2 over the last two weeks, that I completely forgot I still owned my old Smart Phone.  Sorry to friends and family who tried to reach me on my Smart Phone during this time and couldn’t. I neglected to check my messages on a daily basis.  What can I say.  When you are newly in love, you sometimes forget about the others around you.

They say it’s a bad thing to break off a relationship by text, but in this case,  I think it’s the only language my Smart Phone will understand.

I’m off to send two texts.  One to my Smart Phone to let it know the bad news.  The other to Santa – in the hopes that he drops one of the many LG G2 phones he will be carrying in his sleigh this Christmas, off at my house.

A big thanks to the great folks at LG for giving me this opportunity! Be sure to follow LG on Twitter and like LG Canada on Facebook!

How would YOU like to WIN one of these fabulous LG G2 phones for yourself?  Well here’s your chance. LG is giving away an LG G2 phone (valued at $799.99)!!  Contest runs until December 8th and is open to all Canadians (yes – even our friends in Quebec!! Woo hoo!!).  See Full Rules and Regulations here…and enter to WIN a LG G2 phone here!!  Good luck, House Mates – would just love to see one of you win!!

***EDIT*** You can enter ONCE DAILY


Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by LG G2, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit


  1. December 20, 2013

    matthew pagazani

    in my last post i wished everyone good luck, i forgot to wish myself luck tho. let me win! ahhhh!! 😛

  2. December 19, 2013


    LG RAMA!!!!

  3. December 16, 2013


    LG LGLGLGLGLGLGLG is the phone

  4. December 14, 2013

    matthew pagazani

    omg good luck everyone!

  5. December 14, 2013


    I’m dreaming …of an LG….Christmas..

  6. December 13, 2013

    matthew pagazani

    good luck everyone! hope someone nice wins!

  7. December 12, 2013


    I’m dreaming…of an…LG …Christmas …lalalalaalaa

  8. December 10, 2013


    it’s a cool phone but what happens if my wife finds out? she’s got an iPhone. lol

  9. December 10, 2013


    this phone might even be better than a white Christmas..maybe

  10. December 8, 2013


    yes, yes..a THOUSAND times yes, that’s a cool phone

  11. December 8, 2013

    Harry C

    It would be amazing if this phone was mine!

  12. December 8, 2013

    Harry C

    definitely a cool phone

  13. December 8, 2013

    Chris MacDonald

    Is Santa coming early?

  14. December 8, 2013


    Okay, Sandy….I’m ready for you to declare me as the winner for this phone!…what do you say?

    • December 8, 2013


      Hehehe Darwin! Unfortunately, I don’t have the “powers” for this giveaway. It is a random draw made by the great folks at Savvy Mom 🙂 Good luck! Ends today!

  15. December 8, 2013


    yep, sweet phone!

    • December 8, 2013


      Hi Benjamin! Yep…sweet for sure 🙂 Thanks for continuing to enter!

  16. December 7, 2013

    matthew pagazani

    good luck all!

    • December 8, 2013


      Hi Matthew! Thanks for entering 🙂

  17. December 7, 2013

    Chris MacDonald

    This would be an amazing early Christmas present!

    • December 8, 2013


      Sure would be, Chris 🙂 Thanks for entering again!

  18. December 7, 2013


    yes, that is most definitely a cool phone. yup.

    • December 8, 2013


      Lol…yep, a very cool phone, Benjamin! Good luck 🙂

  19. December 7, 2013


    It would be amazing if this phone was mine!

    • December 8, 2013


      Fingers crossed for you, Darwin!! Thanks again for entering 🙂

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