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  1. Advice You Need For Helping Your Parent In Hospital

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    As our parents age, it is inevitable that we are often faced with taking our mother or father for visits to see doctors and specialists, and ultimately, spending time in hospital at their bedside, helping to care for our ill, or injured, parents. I recently faced this reality when my...
  2. Leave The Passports At Home And Find Fun In Niagara, Ontario

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    It might be a polite one but, there’s always been a debate about which side of Niagara Falls is the better side. Since there’s an international border in the way, that kind of complicates things for those who either don’t have, or don’t want to use, a passport. But, depending...
  3. You’ll Be Fit To Be Tied When You Realize How Often You Use Idioms!

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    When I was growing up, there were a whole lot of idioms in our house. Careful, I said idioms, not idiots. Big difference! Do you know what an idiom is? From “An idiom is a word or phrase whose meaning can’t be understood outside its cultural context. These expressions are usually...
  4. Snakes Alive! Go See Reptiles At The Canadian Museum Of Nature!

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    The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa provided Canadian Blog House with passes to visit their fascinating Reptiles exhibit. All opinions are our own. You don’t like spiders and snakes? Don’t let that stop you from visiting the Canadian Museum of Nature and their featured exhibit, Reptiles, on now until...
  5. 5 Stunning Beach Resorts In The Philippines

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    Have you ever considered vacationing in the Philippines? If not, I’ve got news for you. Apparently you and I have been missing out on a fantastic travel destination. According to the perpetually smiling and happy Filipino lady who works at my dad’s retirement home, the Philippines is a destination that...
  6. Keeping Your Pets Safe Over The Holidays

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    As the owner of a dog who, at almost three years old, still loves to get into things, keeping my pets safe over the holidays is a big concern for me. If left to her own devices, Guinness would get into just about anything she could. LEGO pieces? She loves...
  7. OH CANADA! Celebrate #Canada150 In Style With Canadian Blog House! #Ottawa2017

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    Canada’s 150th birthday year is almost upon us! Are you ready to celebrate? Here in Ottawa, things are ramping up with all kinds of exciting events planned to celebrate #Canada150. Of course, Canada’s Capital is starting off 2017 with a bang on New Year’s Eve, with a huge family friendly...
  8. 10 Things To Do Once You’ve Been Up The CN Tower #SeeTorontoNow

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    Our visit to Toronto last summer was sponsored in part by Toronto Tourism #SeeTorontoNow. Opinions expressed are those of Canadian Blog House   If I asked you what is Toronto’s number one tourist attraction, what would you say? The CN Tower? I would. I don’t have any hard facts or...
  9. Give The Gift Of Experience This Holiday Season With Breakaway Experiences! #MakingAList

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    Breakaway Experiences has sponsored this post for promotion of their experiences. Opinions expressed are those of Canadian Blog House. Christmas shopping is not something I tend to experience any difficulty with. I usually have gift ideas for everyone on my list. This Christmas, however, I’m stumped about what to get...
  10. Natura Market Offers Wholesome Products At Lowest Prices

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    Eating a safe, healthy, balanced diet is something many Canadians strive to do. For these Canadians, a healthy diet is more than simply grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl, or enjoying a crisp salad at lunch. Food allergies, sensitivities, or simply making the choice to eat a certain type...
  11. Where To Find Canada 150 Info #Canada150

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      Canadians from coast to coast will be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. I’m more excited about this 150th birthday than I am about my own birthday next year. The fact that I live in Canada’s National Capital Region could have something to do with that! The City of...
  12. 7 Products We Would Buy Again

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    When we started reviewing products back in 2013 on Canadian Blog House, we really weren’t sure what to expect. Would we love the products we reviewed? Would we want to toss them in the garbage? Would we review them and then just throw the products in a closet and forget...
  13. Watch Out! It’s Time For Konifer Wooden Watches

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    Watches used to be an essential piece of a person’s attire. If you wanted to know the time wherever you were, you needed to wear a watch. These days, with everyone carrying around a mobile phone, it almost seems like watches are going out of style. Except when it comes...
  14. Warning: Shopping At Groupon May Lead To A Full Cart!

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    This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I must confess…I haven’t. But all the promotions I’m seeing for Black Friday have definitely got me thinking about holiday shopping…and saving money. Holiday shopping and saving money? That sounds like a job...


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