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  1. Could YOU Be A #Canada150 Artist? Come Enter The Carlingwood Shopping Centre #CallForArtists

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    This Call For Artists contest promotion was sponsored by Carlingwood Shopping Centre. All opinions are our own. 2017 is Canada’s big year, and here at Canadian Blog House we are all about promoting the great contests, celebrations, and events celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. Carlingwood Shopping Centre in Ottawa is getting...
  2. This Summer, Include Blue Flag In Your Family’s Beach Plans

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    If you don’t have a pool or a cottage, heading to a public beach is the next best way to stay cool, and have fun, during a hot summer’s day. We’ve already taken advantage of spending some time at a couple of beaches in the Ottawa area this summer. Being...
  3. Super Easy Canadian Maple Taffy

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    Canadian Maple Taffy. If you’ve never tried this great Canadian maple treat, you don’t know what you are missing! It was my boyfriend who first introduced me to Maple Taffy, one of nature’s sweetest treats! It was his mother who indulged me by making me my first taste Maple Taffy....
  4. Comedian Jeremy Hotz: Canada’s International Man Of Misery

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      Canadian Gemini award-winning comedian, Jeremy Hotz, is a miserable man. You probably would be too if you were spending the cold and snowy month of February taking your show on the road on a cross-Canada tour. “Fighting his way across the frozen tundra and battling the evil elements, Jeremy...
  5. Wish Someone You Love A Merry Canada From Parks Canada Shop! #MerryCanada

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    Canada. I love my country. I love everything about it – yes even the cold and snow (until the end of January, then that’s enough!). I am a very proud Canadian. Bet you couldn’t tell that from the name of my blog, eh? Or maybe it’s the subtle hint of...
  6. STONZ Wear – Canadian Kidz Footwear At Its Best!

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    There are a few items of clothing that are a must for anyone living through a long, cold, Canadian winter: a wind/waterproof jacket, a toque (love that word!), warm mittens or gloves…and warm, waterproof winter boots. KICKING IT OLD SCHOOL WITH MUKLUKS How many of you remember those mukluks with...
  7. Terry Fox: A Marathon Of Hope Leaves Behind An Enduring Legacy

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      This year mark’s the 35th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. Arguably Canada’s best known citizen, and one of our country’s most cherished heroes, Terry began his journey across Canada on April 12, 1980 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and the journey ended on September 1, 1980 in Thunder...
  8. Get Back At It With The Giant Tiger #GTBack2School Twitter Party!

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    Can you believe it? It’s Back-to-School time already! Where did the summer go? Back-to-School seems to be a time of year that we either love…or hate. Maybe you are through with trying to keep the kids entertained. Maybe you have long since run out of all those great ideas for...
  9. Imaginary Friends: Kickstarting The Imagination And Reading Skills Of Kids!

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      Imaginary friends. We’ve all had at least one, haven’t we? When we were kids, imaginary friends helped us through the tough times, they helped us feel more secure when we were scared, and imaginary friends were fun to talk to when no one else is around. Now, Imaginary Friends is...
  10. I Love Toopy And Binoo Valentine’s #Giveaway

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    Toopy Toopy, Binoo Binoo, Toopy Toopy, Binoo Binoo Binoo, Toopy Toopy, Binoo Binoo, Toopy and Binoo!… I just caught you singing the Toopy and Binoo theme song, didn’t I? Now guess what? I bet you are going to have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I...
  11. I’m Sleeping With Someone New ~ Maple Harbour

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    Next to a comfortable bed, a quality pillow can make or break a good night’s sleep. According to the folks at Harvard, we spend – are you ready for this? – one-third of our lives sleeping! That’s a lot of time spent in bed! That doesn’t account for all the...
  12. Travel To A Luxurious Weekend At Whitewater Village With #WhiteWaterWomen

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    What happens at Whitewater Village, stays at Whitewater Village. View of Whitewater Village cottage looking up from the waterfront Well not really. Why? Because Whitewater Village, located on the shore of the great Ottawa River, one hour northwest of the city of Ottawa, is a piece of Ontario cottage country...
  13. There’s Always Room For Room-eez On My Wall! Oliver’s Labels #Giveaway

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    Growing up in the 80’s I recall being slightly obsessed with the sticker trend that happened during that decade. Anyone remember that? I had a sticker album where I displayed all kinds of stickers like those scratch ‘n sniff stickers, foil stickers, sparkly stickers…and those personalized name stickers. Yes, I...
  14. Garant’s Scratch-Free Snow Brush – There’s Snow Brush Like It!

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    Sometimes a product comes along that just makes life so much easier. Like the Garant Scratch-Free Snow Brush. I wish someone had invented a snow brush like this a LONG time ago! “Garant, a leading Canadian manufacturer of construction, lawn, garden and snow removal products, introduces the first-of-its-kind, scratch-free snow...


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