The Magic Of MosaïCanada 150 Comes To Gatineau 2017 #Outaouaisfun #Canada150

Outaouais Tourism invited Canadian Blog House to join them on this media trip to Montreal to experience the preparations for MosaïCanada 150. All opinions are our own.  My recent day trip to Montreal for a behind-the-scenes tour of the upcoming MosaïCanada 150, set to take place in Gatineau’s Jacques Cartier Park this summer in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, had me experiencing yet another one of my #50FirstsAt50. Why? My fabulous “ride” for that day was Outaouais Tourism’s brand new tour bus, painted in a mosaic of spectacular colours, highlighting all the great events happening for Gatineau 2017, including MosaïCanada 150. And…we were the first passengers to travel in it! I had never traveled in such a decked-out bus before! What is MosaïCanada 150 you ask? It’s a colourful experience blending “Mosaiculture”, with Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations. From the MosaïCanada 150 website: “Mosaiculture” is a magical word referring to both the accomplished art of glass mosaic and the sophisticated origins of artistic horticulture. In fact, contemporary mosaiculture traces its roots back to the Renaissance, a glorious epoch of grand royal gardens. Today, it has evolved into an art of unprecedented forms. Mosaiculture is the most spectacular of all the horticultural techniques. Now considered an art in its own right, it is the successful blend of several disciplines: sculpture, whose principles apply to its structures; painting, reflected in its palette; and horticulture, expressed through its use of the ever-changing medium of living plants. Mosaiculture also echoes the spirit of our times through its application … Continue reading The Magic Of MosaïCanada 150 Comes To Gatineau 2017 #Outaouaisfun #Canada150