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10 Things About Sleep That May Surprise You

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10 Things About Sleep

Canadian Blog House partnered with Sleep Country Canada to bring you this review. All opinions are our own.

“Sleep Country Canada, why buy a mattress anywhere else?!”

This little ditty is now stuck in your head, right?

My cunning plan has worked.

I haven’t been able to get the Sleep Country Canada jingle out of my own head ever since X-Man started singing it at the top of his lungs a few months ago.

Kudos to their brilliant jingle writer. Thanks to them, we all know Sleep Country Canada sells mattresses.

But there is more to Sleep Country Canada than just mattresses.

Take a quick peek at their website and you’ll see a whole line of bedding, pillows, and furniture products to help you create a comfortable sleep experience for the whole family.

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We recently had the chance to review our choice of Sleep Country Canada products. We were in dire need of some new sheets, and a new pillow for X-Man, so it was an easy choice for us.

While we awaited delivery of our new bedding products, I set out to explore a few facts about sleep, to see what I knew about something we all do – for almost one-third of our lives!

Here are a few things about sleep that I discovered…

10 Things About Sleep That May Surprise You

  • Most dreams typically occur during our REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Each year, the average person spends almost 600 hours dreaming during REM sleep.
  • Snoring only occurs during non-REM sleep.
  • Lack of sleep is hard on the human body. Prolonged sleep deprivation increases the risk of stroke or heart disease.
  • One of the biggest sleep distractions is the 24-hour access to the internet.
  • Humans spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping.
  • That feeling that you are physically falling while you are falling asleep? That feeling is called a Hypnic Jerk – a feeling that causes your body to jerk you awake.
  • For parents, a new baby typically results in 400-750 hours of lost sleep in the first year.
  • Human errors, caused by sleep deprivation, were found to have played a role in the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska, the Challenger space shuttle disaster, and the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
  • Having trouble waking up on Monday mornings? Altered weekend sleep patterns are the likely cause.
  • The fear of going to sleep is known as Somniphobia.

My new favourite term is “Hypnic Jerk”. This happens to me a lot when I fall to sleep, and now I have a great name to call it!

So back to our order…

It had been awhile since we purchased new sheets. Our old sheet set was wearing out, and was “pilling”. X-Man had been sleeping on the same pillow for quite a while, and it had become flat and worn out.

Time for new bedding!

Sleep Country Canada 10 Things About Sleep

Delivering A Great Experience

What we ordered:

The order process on the Sleep Country Canada website worked perfectly. It was quick and easy. We had our new sheets and pillow within a few days!

The only problem? Our order included 2 “full sheet” sets instead of one full and one king.

But this was okay. Why? Because it’s always good to see how well a company deals with an error when one is doing a review.

I picked up the phone, called their customer service line (they also offer live chat!), and in a few short minutes it was confirmed to me that Sleep Country Canada would make things right and ship out the correct order – either to our home, or to the closest Sleep Country Canada store near us – our choice.

We chose to have the bed sheets shipped to the store near us, as this was the fastest delivery option.

In just a couple of days, we received a phone call to come pick up our order. The actual pick up from the Sleep Country Canada store couldn’t have been easier. I was in and out of the store within 2 minutes.

This was a great retail example of fixing an error, doing it right, and keeping the customer happy!

Please note: Neither the employee from their customer service line, nor the employees at their retail store, knew that we were doing a review on their products/service.

Sleep Country Canada 10 Things That May Surprise You

And how are our new Sleep Country Canada products performing?

X-Man loves his new pillow. We have heard several times how “comfy” it is. We love that is it breathable and eco-friendly. His pillow is “made from 100% unbleached organic 250 thread count cotton fabric cover, and filled with clustered polyester for the ultimate in support and comfort.”

Our Pima Cotton sheets? Love them.

Our new sheets are super soft and comfy. And while soft sheets are a big thing for me, even more important is a proper fit on the bed. I hate sheets that constantly slip off the corners of a mattress. No worries about that with our new sheets. The nice deep pockets in these sheets make for a secure fit on our mattress!

An added bonus about our Pima Cotton sheets? They are “wrinkle resistant fabric ensures easy care – no ironing required!” 

We are looking forward to many good night sleeps on our Sleep Country Canada bedding products!

A Good Night’s Sleep

What about you? How do you sleep at night?

Unfortunately, many things such as health problems, stress, and caffeine, can cause adults to have trouble sleeping.

What we sleep on can definitely affect how well we sleep at night.

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Pillows can impact the quality of our sleep and the wrong pillow may worsen existing conditions such as neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and breathing issues.

Need help deciding what type of pillow you need for a good night sleep?

Sleep Country Canada has this great advice…
“As a side sleeper, you require extra support for your neck to avoid unnecessary strain while you sleep.” experience the benefits of a thicker pillow to properly align your head, neck and spine

“If you’re inclined to sleep on your stomach it’s because you feel safe and secure in this position.  As a back sleeper, the neck is in a neutral position and the back is not strained. Oh and the best part, sleeping on your back leads to fewer facial wrinkles. Whether you choose to spend your sleep on your back or stomach, a thinner pillow will keep your head and neck closer to the mattress to rest more soundly.”

All Sleeper “You are the mover and shaker of sleepers. A pillow of medium thickness will support all your twists and turns, creating an enhanced slumber. Your partner will surely appreciate a pillow that will keep you more aligned through the night and less on their side of the bed.”

When Your Sleep Has Gone To The Dogs

Sometimes, no matter how wonderful your mattress and bedding may be, some “things” may still get between you and a good night’s sleep…

So sleep tight, don’t worry about the bed bugs biting, or the monsters under the bed.

Visit Sleep Country Canada for a great night’s sleep!


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