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7 Beauty And Fashion Hacks For The Non-Fashionista

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7 Beauty And Fashion Hacks For The Non-Fashionista graphic

When I was a teenager in the 1980’s, and into my early twenties, life was all about beauty, fashion, and music for me.  Jelly shoes, neon tops and accessories, wide belts, parachute pants, leg warmers. You name it. I was a walking billboard for 80’s style.

And, no matter the style or fad, every outfit I wore contained the featured colour – black.

Black, black, and more black.

Ok, so black isn’t technically a colour but…

Then there was the hair. The crazier the colouring, or spiked styling, the better.  To keep my hair spiked? Dippity-Do hair gel. There were no styling products like pomade, mousse, or texture mists in the 80’s.

Make up? God forbid I left the house without my trusty black eyeliner! Then there was the light pink, frosted lipstick.


Thank goodness I grew up and became smarter (I think!) when it comes to clothing and hairstyles. Maybe I should just call it “older and lazier”.

Now, when it comes to beauty and fashion, I take a minimalist approach. It’s all about comfort these days, and comfort means t-shirt/sweater, jeans, and just the basics when it comes to makeup. I can live without many makeups items, as long as I always have my favourite – mascara – in my makeup bag.

Despite my own “laziness” for keeping up with beauty and fashion trends these days, I still watch those around me for tips that may help me in my day-to-day life.

Like my 87-year-old “hip and cool” aunt who inspired this post.

Keep reading. You’ll see why.


7 Beauty And Fashion Hacks For The Non-Fashionista


Brush Away The Grey With Mascara

No you did not read that wrong. This is the tip that comes from my aunt…unintentionally.

For those of you with a full head of grey hair, mascara can be your best friend – for more than just your eyes. Gently brush your favourite waterproof mascara through the hair that frames your face for a little splash of contrasting colour.  I spent years thinking my aunt’s hair had “naturally” turned grey everywhere – except around her face, which always had whisps of black hair. I was dumbfounded one day a couple of years ago when I discovered her secret – only because, that day, she hadn’t added this “colouring” to her hair. This is a tip I’m saving for later in life. I think it’s brilliant!

Pack Perfume And Face Cream Magazine Samples

Still reading hard copies of beauty magazines? Be sure to pull out all the perfume and face cream sample cards from between the pages of your favourite beauty and fashion magazines. Use them when you go on vacation and pack them in your bag. They don’t take up much room, and they easily meet “liquid” restrictions for carry-on luggage when flying. Why carry big bulky bottles and containers on a trip when you can use these free, compact, samples instead

Wear T-Shirts Summer Or Winter

The cold is not my friend, so in winter, I need to bundle up. This used to mean a closet full of bulky sweaters, and a completely different wardrobe for me for each season. Then I got smart. I started buying more cardigans. I still have some warm bulky sweaters but, more often than not, you’ll see me dressed t-shirts in the summer, and t-shirts with a cardigan in the winter. Not only will this save you some money on your clothing purchases, you’ll have less “bulk” to pack when taking trips in the winter months. Layering is where it’s at!

Use Lip Balm On A Dry Nose

Why keep your favourite lip balm for just your lips? Lip balm can work wonders on chapped nostrils (like when you have a cold). Think about it. The beauty item that keeps your lips so soft and moisturized, can most certainly help a chapped nose. Squeamish about using the same lip balm on both your lips and nostrils? Buy a separate lip balm for each job!

Shampoo Your Roots

After a recent trip to my hairdresser I got to wondering why my hair always looks, and feels, so much better after my hairdresser shampoos it. Sure, it could have something to do with the quality of the shampoo she uses but, did you notice that most hairdressers (like mine), spend most of their shampooing time with you concentrating on massaging the shampoo into your scalp? Rumour has it that if we all focused more on massaging the shampoo into our roots, and (mostly) forgetting about the rest of our hair when we wash it, the end result would be much closer to how our hair looks and feels after a shampooing at the hairdresser. I guess I’ve always just been too busy enjoying the head massage to question the reasons behind it!

Save Single Socks For Later

This tip applies mostly to white athletic socks, however, if you are someone who owns multiple pairs of the same black or navy dress socks, this tip is for you too. Stop throwing out pairs of socks just because you get a hole in one of them. Yes, you could always darn the hole in your socks like grandma used to do, or you could simply tuck the “good” sock away in your drawer for the moment you wear a hole in one of our other identical pairs of socks (because you know it will happen). Voila! You’ll have a “new” pair of socks!

Use Conditioner For Shaving

Picture this. You slide into the shower or tub, wet yourself down, grab a razor, only to discover you are out of shaving cream. Don’t worry! Hair conditioner to the rescue! Hair conditioner is a great alternative to shaving cream. Hair conditioner will lubricate your legs, allowing for a close and comfortable shave. You will be amazed. You may never go back to shaving cream!




  1. January 18, 2016

    Linda A Cassidy

    bonus tip on the extra socks, perfect for a sock bun if you have long hair, why buy a form when you have a sock…

    • January 19, 2016


      Well that is a fabulous tip, Linda! What a great idea. I never would have thought of that 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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