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  1. A Cup Of Tea And An Interview With Tea Sommelier Linda Gaylard

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        Since you, my readers, are so wise, you probably already knew that there is such a thing as a “Tea Sommelier”. Me, I had no idea this title existed. While I’ve got many friends, including my friend Annie from England, who are extremely knowledgeable about tea, I did...
  2. Imaginary Friends: Kickstarting The Imagination And Reading Skills Of Kids!

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      Imaginary friends. We’ve all had at least one, haven’t we? When we were kids, imaginary friends helped us through the tough times, they helped us feel more secure when we were scared, and imaginary friends were fun to talk to when no one else is around. Now, Imaginary Friends is...
  3. The Gluten-Free Cookbook – Over 200 Delicious Recipes! #Review

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    Recently, DK Canada approached me to do a book review from their Start Fresh Boutique.  My regular readers know how much I love to review DK Books, but this time I decided to change things up just a bit.  The last month has been a real mix of good, bad,...
  4. Growing A Rainbow ~ The Premature Journey Of A Two Pound Hero ~ Lesley Donaldson-Reid #Review

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    Someone needs to get Lesley Donaldson-Reid a cape. A cape of the “Super Hero” variety. Lesley’s first published book, Growing A Rainbow ~ The Premature Journey Of A Two Pound Hero, published by Aquhorthies Publishing, chronicles the story of Lesley and her husband’s life-changing journey raising their special needs son...
  5. Marvel Encyclopedia ~ A Marvel-ous Guide To Marvel Super Heroes!

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    Calling all Marvel Comics fans! This is one review you DON’T want to miss! As a child, I was a HUGE comic book reader.  My older siblings had a “MARVEL”ous collection of comics ranging from Archie and Richie Rich, to Spider Man, G.I. Joe, and many others.  I was partial...
  6. DK Canada Makes Learning FUN With A 3 Book Prize Pack! #Giveaway

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    I am continually amazed by the beautiful, quality books that DK Canada publishes.  Every time the folks offer us more books to review I wonder if I will like the latest set as much as the last.  Well, as always, I do.  My latest 3 book set from DK Canada...
  7. Traveling With Expert Advice From Rough Guides ~ #Review #Giveaway

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    I love to travel and have always considered myself someone who is well-prepared when I travel.  I make lists so I don’t forget to bring something, and I don’t leave anything to chance when I travel far from home, especially outside of Canada.  I’ve often relied on travel guides to...
  8. Get Smart With The Back To School Boutique ~ WIN A 3 Book Prize Pack From DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway

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    Where did the Summer of 2014 go? Some kids, like X-Man went back to school this week.  The rest will be heading back to the classroom next week.  Time to open up the books and brush up on the reading, writing and arithmetic skills!! Did you know that DK Canada...
  9. DK Readers Help Kids Get Reading Ready For Back To School! #Review #Giveaway

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    I had some pretty terrific books in my collection as a kid.  One of my favourites was a large book of Mother Goose nursery rhymes that I sat down to read over and over…and over. I read that book so much as a young child, I’m surprised it did not...
  10. Iconic Eyewitness Reference Books For Kids Released On Paperback From DK Canada Books! #Review #Giveaway

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    Our friends at DK Canada Books have recently released a set of their iconic Eyewitness reference books for kids onto paperback for the first time.  Making this release extra-special, these books have been refreshed with new covers, improved layouts, and better ratio of words to text. Twelve classic titles have...
  11. DK Canada Books Dad Will Love For His Man Cave #Review #Giveaway

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    This great DK Canada Books Review and Giveaway focuses on the “big” boys in our life – Dads, Hubbys, Grampas, or any other male friend or relative who would love a set of these books for their “Man Cave”. Father’s Day was recently celebrated with my boyfriend immersed in his...
  12. As The Contest Queen Says…You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter! #Giveaway

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    You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Carolyn Wilman, she is widely known across the internet by her online moniker, The Contest Queen.  This title couldn’t be more befitting of a woman who truly is royalty within online contesting circles. Carolyn, who...
  13. DK Canada Takes You Off The Tourist Trail…And Into The 20TH Century! #Review #Giveaway

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    It’s time for another fabulous DK Canada giveaway! You will NOT be disappointed with the selection of books I’m giving away this time.  They are a little “off the beaten path” so to speak, but I’m pretty sure they are books that all my readers will love! Speaking of “off...
  14. Give The Kids A #DKMarchBreak This Year! #Review #Giveaway

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    Books.  Remember those things made of paper on the inside, bound with a hard cover on the outside? Sometimes I think we are starting to lose the great experience of reading books.  Actual books.  Not the type of books you can find on your favourite e-reader.  I mean printed books...
  15. There’s Moore Than Meets The Eye In Delaine Moore’s New Book ~ #Review ~ #Giveaway

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    Delaine Moore (centre) with Cynthia Preston (left) and Ashley Jones (right) The “light bulb” moment came for Delaine Moore while she was on the table at her acupuncturist’s office.  After hearing of Delaine’s impending life as a divorcée, her acupuncturist said to her: “You might be getting a divorce, but...


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