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  1. How To Be A Dependable Host This Thanksgiving – 6 Tips! #DependOnMaytag

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    Canadian Blog House received compensation from Whirlpool in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own. I have a dear family friend whom, every time she comes over for a meal, she refers to me as the “hostess with the mostest”. Because I know my friend well, I know...
  2. 4 Secret Eats Places You Need To Visit In Rural Ottawa #Agri150 #MyOttawa

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    Canadian Blog House was provided with a media pass from Ottawa Tourism to attend the Secret Eats tour in rural Ottawa, in conjunction with Just Food and Savour Ottawa. All opinions are our own.  It’s no longer a secret to me. Rural Ottawa is bursting with all kinds of great...
  3. Get Cooking With HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service!

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    A meal service that provided us with enough fresh ingredients to make 3 delicious meals, HelloFresh sponsored this post. All opinions are our own. While I spend the majority of my time at home, I still relish any chance to have help in the kitchen when preparing meals. I’ve actually...
  4. Natura Market Offers Wholesome Products At Lowest Prices

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    Eating a safe, healthy, balanced diet is something many Canadians strive to do. For these Canadians, a healthy diet is more than simply grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl, or enjoying a crisp salad at lunch. Food allergies, sensitivities, or simply making the choice to eat a certain type...
  5. Cluck! Cluck! 29 Interesting Facts About Burnbrae Farms And Egg Farming #LoveONTFood

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    Early October saw Ontario’s agricultural community celebrating Ontario Agriculture Week. For 37,000 Ontario farming families, this was their time to shine! One of Ontario’s best-known farming families is the Hudson family from Lyn, Ontario, just outside of Brockville. This wonderful family of egg farmers, who operate Burnbrae Farms, one of...
  6. Escape With Robin Esrock And Explore Your Global Bucket List!

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    I first introduced you to some of best-selling author Robin Esrock’s bucket list stories last year when I had the chance to hear Robin share some of his adventurous travel experiences at Ottawa’s Diefenbunker Museum. Recently, I was invited by Ford Canada to enjoy more time with super-explorer Robin, this time...
  7. My Evening With Chef Marysol Foucault And Egg Farmers Of Canada #FarmToChef

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    I often accept invites to events around Ottawa partly as a means to experience something new, something different, and often, something wonderfully unexpected. My evening at Meat Press – Creative Charcuterie and Sandwich Shop, in Ottawa’s trendy Hintonburg area, was one of those unexpected delights – an unforgettable evening of “eggs-quisite”...
  8. Seeds of Change® : Healthy Eating And Convenience All In One Package! #SeedsOfChangeCA

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    Canadians love to spend their summer vacations at the cottage. There’s no better place to beat the heat while enjoying many great outdoor water activities. After a full day of fresh air and exercise, hunger always sets in. Trying to feed our families a healthy meal that includes grains and...
  9. 11 Reasons To Love Healthy Meal Plan!

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    Healthy meals delivered right to your door step – every day. Healthy meals planned for you. Wouldn’t you love to come home after a long day at work to a delicious, healthy meal that you don’t need to prepare? “The average Canadian family works long hours and has little time...


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