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  1. Breathe A Breath Of Fresh Air This Winter With Lampe Berger #LampeBergerCanadaBA

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    Here in Canada, fresh air, summer breezes, and open windows go so well together. Canadians love that time of year when we can open up our homes and smell that great outdoor air. When it comes time for winter, however, Canadians work hard to keep the cold air outside. This...
  2. The World Needs You Canada! Win A $15,000 Trip From #ExportYourself

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      I will be the first to agree with The world does need more Canada. In fact, the world needs more maple syrup, poutine, double-doubles, all-dressed chips, and Nanaimo bars. It needs more hockey, more Ryan Goslings, more lumberjacks, and more Canadian beavers. And more so than ever before,...
  3. This Summer, Include Blue Flag In Your Family’s Beach Plans

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    If you don’t have a pool or a cottage, heading to a public beach is the next best way to stay cool, and have fun, during a hot summer’s day. We’ve already taken advantage of spending some time at a couple of beaches in the Ottawa area this summer. Being...
  4. 11 Reasons To Love Healthy Meal Plan!

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    Healthy meals delivered right to your door step – every day. Healthy meals planned for you. Wouldn’t you love to come home after a long day at work to a delicious, healthy meal that you don’t need to prepare? “The average Canadian family works long hours and has little time...
  5. It’s Time To Enter For Your Chance To Win With JORD!

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    If you’ve never seen a JORD wood watch before, you are in for a treat! These gorgeous wood watches are made with a variety of exquisite woods including maple, sandalwood, and rosewood. Each JORD wood watch is not just a timepiece, it’s a masterpiece! “We are focused on creating timepieces...
  6. Tick Tock! It’s Time For Tick Season! Are You Prepared? #CarePlus

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    Becoming infected with Lyme Disease doesn’t just happen by hiking through tall grasses. My niece, Jennifer, became infected with Lyme Disease simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, everything worked out well for Jennifer but, what if she could have found out if the tick...
  7. Alvin And The Chipmunks Are Off On A Road Chip! #Giveaway

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    Anything can happen. And usually does. Especially when it involves 3 crazy chipmunks named Alvin, Simon and Theodore! This toothy trio of chipmunks is back and, this time, set for adventure on the road! In “Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip”, now out on Blu-Ray and DVD, these crazy...
  8. The Peanuts Movie – WIN A Limited Edition Gift Set!

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      When Charles Schulz drew the first Peanuts comic strip back in October 1950, I doubt he was thinking the beloved Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang, would still be delighting kids – 66 years later! As a child, I adored the Peanuts gang....
  9. Spring Is In The Air At Lampe Berger!

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      Spring is in the air! Can you smell it? I can! That’s because we just received a brand new fragrance lamp from our friends at Lampe Berger Canada, including a bottle of “Timeless Rose“, one of the brand new 2016 spring fragrances. Both the lamp, and the fragrance, are...
  10. You’ll Want These Handbags Beside-U Canada!

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      I’m not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, however, I do love some fashion accessories – like handbags. Handbags, purses, totes – whatever you wish to call them – are one of my weaknesses. I probably inherited this love of handbags from my mother. At 83 years...
  11. Family Fun For Everyone! WIN A Family Pass To Kidapalooza In Markham!

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    What are you and your family doing to celebrate the Family Day weekend this year? If you live in the greater Toronto area, you may want to consider spending some family time at Kidapalooza at the Markham Fair Grounds in Markham, Ontario. “Family Fun for Everyone! Kidapalooza is an indoor...
  12. Celebrate Valentine’s Day! WIN A Mickey Mouse Inspired Prize Package For You Or Your Sweetie!

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    Yes, believe it or not, the countdown is already on for Valentine’s Day. You’ve got just over a month to find something special for the love of your life! Canadian Blog House has teamed up with some fellow Canadian bloggers for a great giveaway being hosted over at Maple Mouse...
  13. ‘Tis The Season To Win Santa’s Little Helper – And To Be One!

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    Christmas is all about the kids, right? There’s Santa Claus, presents, Christmas cookies and treats, candy canes, advent calendars, Christmas lights, fun with friends and family, Christmas vacation, and of course, cuddling up on the couch to watch favourite Christmas movies and tv shows! This year there’s a new kid...
  14. Make This Holiday Season More Exciting With Breakaway Experiences!

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    When was the last time you experienced an activity that was truly unique and exciting? The kind of activity that takes your breath away, gives you the chance to face and conquer your biggest fear, puts the world’s biggest smile on your face, and provides you with a chance to...
  15. Coupons Be Gone! COUPGON Is Here! WIN 1 Of 5 $10 Coupgon Credits!

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    Saving money and clipping coupons just got a whole lot easier! It has been 10 years since I became obsessed with clipping coupons, and matching them with store flyers to (sometimes) get products for free, or at the very least, get a terrific discount. At one point, I was keeping...


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