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Crash Karma – Rock Musique Deluxe – CD Release Party #Review

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I was recently asked by eOne Music Canada to attend the CD Release Party for Rock Musique Deluxe by Canadian rock band, Crash Karma.  I’m a huge music fan, and always up for any party that involves rock bands, live music, food and drink! Unfortunately, the party was held in downtown Toronto, and I was not able to attend.  So I did the next best thing!  I invited fellow Canadian Blogger, Laura, from Reinvent Your Day, to attend on my behalf.  Here’s her review of Crash Karma’s CD Release Party:


“Have you heard of the band Crash Karma? If you have, it’s likely you have heard that the band members are all former members of successful Canadian bands, like I Mother Earth and Our Lady Peace. Did you enjoy their music and now have it humming through your head?  Well then you should definitely check out their recently released second album, Rock Musique Deluxe.  The intimate CD release event, on August 6th, at the downtown Toronto Hard Rock Cafe pulled in a sizeable crowd of enthusiastic rock fans.

The smaller than a stadium venue, was perfect for the event and the band made the walls reverberate with their music.  The place was packed with a diverse audience. Edwin’s strong vocals, and the band’s full sound, inspired the crowd to headbang and sway. I was ready to jump into the mosh pit if it had formed! The set was a great mix of old and new songs.  The crowd enthusiastically responded when singles off both albums were played.  A special highlight of the night was Edwin singing a classic “Our Lady Peace” anthem, “Clumsy”.  The song, so perfectly suited for audience participation, fired up the crowd for the rest of the set.

Crash Karma’s second CD still has their characteristic strong, rock sound, tinged with more personal themes and lyrics.  Overall, throughout the 11 songs, the music quality and vocals surpass the lyrics.  “Tomorrow”, the first single off the new album, although catchy, isn’t very memorable, and lacks depth.  Stand out tracks include, “Leave her Alone”, that deftly covers the important theme of a male abuser. “Man on Trial”, while having some interesting lyrics, is not one I really could relate to. Overall, the album has something for everyone, and is definitely worth a listen for fans of Canadian rock, especially 1990’s rock.  The songs take some of the best aspects of that decade and update it with a fresh sound and perspective.”


 Be sure to follow the guys from Crash Karma on Twitter & Facebook!

BIO:  Laura is a mom to 1 son & 2 cats! If she’s not cooking with her hubby, she’s baking, blogging, shopping, painting or doing DIY projects. You can check out her blog, Reinvent Your Day, here:

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