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Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

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Family Favourite Cinnamon CakeSometimes you can hold in your hand the best, well-tested, recipe in the whole world, and if you aren’t using the right cookware or bakeware, your fabulous recipe can still fall flat.

Or maybe just stick to the pan.

Last fall, my sister and I set out to make one of our family’s favourite dessert recipes, our mother’s “Cinnamon Cake”. This is a cake we have both made – many times before.

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

But you wouldn’t know it by the disaster that emerged from my oven that night.

You see, I had somehow lost my trusty angel food cake pan, and only realized this after heating up the oven and getting the ingredients ready to go.

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

Thank goodness for great neighbours! They offered to let me borrow their “bundt” pan, which I thought was terrific.

That was until I went to pick up the pan, and my neighbour warns me that every time they bake a cake it the pan, it sticks to the sides.

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

No worries, I thought – I was just happy to have a pan I could bake the cake in. Besides, my sister said she had one at home, and uses it all the time. She said we just needed to grease the inside of the pan well.

Of course I trusted my sister’s expert advice – she had done this before!

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

So, we poured the cake batter and topping into the well-greased bundt pan, and popped it into the oven. We sat and waited with great anticipation, as the sweet smell of cinnamon filled the air.

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

PING! The cake was ready!

I let my sister do the honours, as she knew how to handle this baby.

Or maybe not.

If only I had set up the camera before. You’d be sitting here right now…laughing.

I cannot do it justice with words, the effort it took us to get the cake out of the bundt pan. This effort involved the use of various kitchen tools, and a whole lot of shaking (not us – the pan).

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

Finally, the cake emerged from the pan, albeit in 2-3 big pieces. What you don’t know is that my sister is very artistic, so she was able to use her skills to patch together this delicious cinnamon cake. It may not have been pretty, but ohhh was it good!

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

With a slab of warm cake, and a freshly washed bundt pan in hand, I went back to see my neighbour. He looked at me and smiled.

He knew what disaster had just taken place in my kitchen.

We had a good chuckle and then I headed back home to enjoy a piece of this warm cinnamon cake!

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

Family Favourite Cinnamon Cake

This cake pairs well with – you guessed it – coffee!


FYI – you will find the batter to be fairly “sticky”. For each layer, use a small ladle to scoop batter into pan and spread evenly using a small spatula. 

Also…for baking this cake, I highly recommend NOT using a bundt pan. I recommend using an angel food cake pan so you can lift the cake out of the pan (by holding on to the centre cone) when ready, slide knife under bottom of cake to loosen from pan, and simply lift cake over the cone (when cool). I have purchased a new angel food cake pan since our kitchen disaster, and made another cinnamon cake using it. The photos in this blog post come from this second cake using the angel food cake pan. 





  1. January 29, 2016


    You forgot to mention that your neighbour phoned you up immediately after trying the cake, asking for the recipe. 🙂 It’s that good!!!

    • January 29, 2016


      You’re right! And guess what? I forgot to give it to my neighbours! I will have to show them this 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. January 29, 2016

    Elizabeth Vlug

    Oh I will be making this one. I only have a bundt pan. Do I dare??? lol. But maybe it is time to invest in an angel food cake pan.

    • January 29, 2016


      Don’t do it, Elizabeth!! Lol!! I bear no responsibility if you use a bundt pan 🙂 If you do buy an angel food cake pan – I got mine at Michael’s and if you use one of their 40% off coupons or get it while it’s on sale, it’s not very expensive. Hope you like the cake when you make it! Thanks for stopping by!

      • January 29, 2016

        Elizabeth Vlug

        Ok, I won’t do it. lol. Also thank you for the tip on Michaels, I never would have thought of looking there for an angel food cake pan 🙂

        • January 29, 2016


          Phew! lol Michael’s is where I got my new one, and I love it. I looked at many stores until I found it there. They are harder to find than one would think!

  3. January 29, 2016


    Sandy it is so funny that I read this today! I often make this from the recipe titled Mrs. E**** Cinnamon Coffee Cake. I just pulled out the recipe this week and though about making it this weekend!

    I just love it and so does everyone else who tries it – I think of your mom each time I make it.


    • January 29, 2016


      Noooo! That’s fabulous Barb! I had no idea that you had the recipe! Did my mum give it to your mom at some point? Thanks so much for telling me – loved hearing that! Btw…what kind of pan do you use? lol Enjoy your next cake when you make it! Thanks for stopping by, Barb! xo

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