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Get Your Boost Of Self Esteem From Cigna

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The arrival of spring always seems to get me thinking more about my diet, and what I can do to eat healthier. Maybe it’s because I’ve started to see more delicious looking fresh fruits and veggies displayed at the grocery store.  Maybe it’s because the price of those fruits and veggies have started to come down just a bit. If I’m honest though, it’s probably just because I know it’s almost shorts and bathing suit season and, after a LONG cold winter of hibernating, I must start getting in to a regular exercise routine, and eating healthier, if I want to fit in to my summer clothing!

Trying to encourage everyone to eat healthy, global health service company, Cigna, is putting a spin on healthy eating.  The popularity of social sharing of food selfies was the inspiration for Cigna’s latest contest – “Share Your Healthy YOU Food” healthy food photo contest.

“Now your healthy snack can reap more than “likes” — with a chance to win a grand prize of a healthy cooking retreat for the winner and their guest with the Conscious Gourmet; 1-on-1 sessions with a Cigna nutritionist for a year and a smartphone with pre-loaded Cigna healthy apps, to name a few.”

I love the message behind this contest,  and behind Cigna’s whole “Go You” campaign. We are all different. Every one of us.  Society tries to lump us all together, slap a label on us,  and share what we have in common; Instead of celebrating our differences.  I’ve always believed this,  and I feel that this way of thinking is at the root of the problem of bullying in our society. We should be celebrating our differences, not trying to hide from them.

For my US friends, I encourage you to “GO YOU!” with Cigna’s Healthy Food Selfie Contest. Enter your best food selfie for your chance to win a fabulous prize: a 4 day cooking retreat plus a year of free counselling with a Cigna nutritionist.  What an amazing prize and one that I would just love to win! No doubt about it, the winner of this prize will be a much healthier person a year from now!

Be sure to check out the official rules and regulations….and good luck!





 Disclosure:  Canadian Blog House received compensation for this post.  All opinions are our own.

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