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KINDER® Canada And The Minions Team Up! WIN A $40 KINDER® Canada Prize Pack!

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Hey Canada! Did you know that there is a brand new Minions movie coming to the big screen on July 10th?!

To add to the excitement about this movie, those lovable Minions are teaming up with KINDER® Canada this summer to bring you a very yellow, very limited edition, Minions toy collection! You will be able to find the limited edition Minions inside specially marked packages of KINDER® SURPRISE® Classic eggs.

To celebrate this exciting partnership,  KINDER® Canada wants to let Canadian Blog House readers in on the celebrations by offering one lucky CBH reader the chance to WIN a $40 KINDER® Canada prize pack – which gives you the chance to win the entire Minions collection!

So watch for those KINDER® Canada Minions coming soon to a retailer near you, and in the meantime, come enter for a chance to win a fabulous Minion-themed prize pack!

***The contest winner will be required to provide a full name and complete mailing address to be shared with KINDER® for shipping purposes. While you may enter as many of the KINDER® contests as you like, you can only win once.





Disclosure:  Canadian Blog House received special perks for being part of the KINDER Canada #KinderMom program.  All opinions are our own.

  1. May 26, 2015

    Lisa Neutel

    my son loves the toys you have to put together times

  2. May 26, 2015

    jane kramer

    my son loves getting the hot wheels cars

  3. May 26, 2015

    Karen Evans

    My girls (when they were young) were always getting those coloured cars. 🙂

  4. May 26, 2015

    sarah sar

    My son got a tiny helicopter once that could fly when you pull on the spinning gear. Hours of fun!!

  5. May 25, 2015

    Kim Tetley

    Car and princess

  6. May 25, 2015

    Cindy (@cindylee137) Procter

    the cars are my fav

  7. May 24, 2015

    Wanda Bergman

    If I remember correctly, it was a tiny truck.

  8. May 24, 2015

    Amy Heffernan

    The smurfs!

  9. May 23, 2015


    A dinosaur in one of the eggs. I gave it to a young boy I knew who loved dinosaurs!

  10. May 22, 2015


    I love anything that needs to be assembled

  11. May 22, 2015


    a fuzzy gorilla

  12. May 20, 2015


    A car

  13. May 19, 2015


    a princess

  14. May 19, 2015


    Hard to pick a favourite! I had quite a collection when I was a young teen. I like the characters. My son’s favourite type of Kinder surprise is anything you can assemble! Bonus if it has wheels. lol

  15. May 18, 2015

    Nicole Jubleew

    A little motorcycle.

  16. May 18, 2015

    Kelley Moore


  17. May 17, 2015

    Aimee Robison

    A Hello Kitty with a bathtub.

  18. May 17, 2015

    Gillian Morgan

    Sophie loves the bracelets that you put the stickers on.

  19. May 17, 2015

    michelle matta

    my nephew loves cars. i love the cute animals

  20. May 17, 2015


    Oh man – Not sure if I can remember that far back. But I’m sure it was something girly! 🙂

  21. May 16, 2015

    Nicole M

    I little girl got got a fun bracelet that you put stickers on. I liked that one.

  22. May 16, 2015

    Maegan Morin

    My daughters absolute favorite toy was the fairy Perriwinkle from the Tinkerbell movies.

  23. May 15, 2015


    my daughter has a stamp that she loves that she got in a Kinder Surprise

  24. May 14, 2015

    Emily C

    I remember a jumping toy that I loved.

  25. May 14, 2015

    Heidi c.

    My little guys love the little robots that you put together!

  26. May 13, 2015

    Cassey C

    A puzzle!

  27. May 13, 2015


    They got these little stamping things that they loved

  28. May 13, 2015


    Any cars my son will find are his favourite.

  29. May 13, 2015

    naiddia p

    My son was so happy to get a car.

  30. May 12, 2015


    My son got one witha Smurf in it and he was SO happy

  31. May 12, 2015


    The little race cars!

  32. May 12, 2015


    My son loves cars! 🙂

  33. May 12, 2015

    Eldon L

    The kung fu panda tiger character

  34. May 12, 2015


    Cars were always welcomed

  35. May 12, 2015


    Paint set shaped like a pig & the tail was a brush.

  36. May 11, 2015

    Erika E

    My son got a little frog figurine in one of the Kinder eggs and he loved it, that was his favourite.

  37. May 11, 2015

    Rhonda W G.

    Llttle cars seem to always be hit…

  38. May 11, 2015

    Ophelia C

    I love the puzzles they used to have in there! They were always my favourite!

  39. May 10, 2015

    Tammy Dalley

    The racing cars

  40. May 10, 2015


    hot wheels cars

  41. May 10, 2015

    BobbiJo Pentney

    My son loves any kinder that you have to put together.

  42. May 10, 2015

    Karin Dollery

    The neat little cars.

  43. May 10, 2015


    we weren’t privileged to have luxury like Kinder chocolates, so sadly I don’t have a favorite but I still want to enter so I can see what the toy may be

  44. May 10, 2015

    Jon T

    a little motorcycle with a track and launcher

  45. May 10, 2015

    lori b

    a little toy car

  46. May 10, 2015


    Little puzzles

  47. May 10, 2015


    I loved finding puzzles in mine, but I didn’t get that many!

  48. May 9, 2015

    Lee-Ann S

    Miss R loves the moose she got recently. Anything animal.

  49. May 9, 2015

    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    my sons love the little cars

  50. May 9, 2015

    Sarah Stickney

    i like the little porsches

  51. May 9, 2015

    seham merzib

    the puzzles

  52. May 9, 2015

    Tina L.

    I’ve always like the little cars.

  53. May 9, 2015

    Kevin Castillo

    The cool little cars were my favourite.

  54. May 9, 2015


    When I was growing up, I loved the Pink Panther figures were cool!

  55. May 9, 2015


    The little cars are a big hit!

  56. May 9, 2015

    Juliee Fitze

    My grandson likes getting the cars in them.

  57. May 9, 2015


    My kids loved the vehicles. All things with wheels.

  58. May 8, 2015


    It was an airplane from one of the big Kinder Surprises, very cool!

  59. May 8, 2015


    the fuzzy animals were my fave

  60. May 8, 2015



  61. May 8, 2015

    christine nunes

    I love the puzzles

  62. May 8, 2015

    Angela Mitchell

    My daughter loved the little parachute guy she got. She played with that toy, dropping it off the top of the stairs for months!

  63. May 8, 2015

    Julie Bolduc

    My liked when I was younger I got puzzles

  64. May 8, 2015


    My son likes the puzzles! But he’s been so excited since I told him about the minion ones, he keeps looking for them in store!

  65. May 8, 2015

    Brenda Lacourciere

    Ours was the tiniest little paint set.

  66. May 8, 2015

    Wendy hutton

    some little top

  67. May 8, 2015

    Susan Patterson

    The fairies are my granddaughter’s favourite – thank you!

  68. May 8, 2015

    Robyn Bellefleur

    My daughter loved one of the princess figures.

  69. May 8, 2015

    Amy C

    a hot wheels car

  70. May 8, 2015


    My daughters both got these matching Jasmine princesses. They played with them a lot.

  71. May 8, 2015

    Marina M.

    I still remember Frogs collection fro my childhood.

  72. May 8, 2015

    Shelley H

    My kids always enjoyed finding the cars

  73. May 8, 2015


    My sons loves little plastic figures. Any kind of little plastic figures. He makes up stories with them. We have them from fast food restaurants, movie promos and Kinder eggs. Hours of playtime.

  74. May 8, 2015

    Belinda McNabb

    A little race car

  75. May 8, 2015

    Doris Calvert

    Hello Kitty and Hot Wheels ones were the favorites.

  76. May 7, 2015


    My son got a few cars. Loved them!

  77. May 7, 2015


    My girls loved the fairies

  78. May 7, 2015

    Andrew P

    The cars have always been my favourite find

  79. May 7, 2015

    Florence Cochrane

    My granddaughter like the Hello Kitty

  80. May 7, 2015

    Valerie Mallette

    My favourite Kinder surprise toy that I ever found in a Kinder surprise was a cute snake pencil end.

  81. May 7, 2015

    Taylor Hawkins

    My kids were super happy when they got little paint palettes 🙂

  82. May 7, 2015

    Amber Y

    A little toy car that we had a lot of fun with!

  83. May 7, 2015

    Josh S

    A princess.

  84. May 7, 2015

    josephine evans

    We love transformers!

  85. May 7, 2015


    My boys LOVE the little Hot Wheels cars.

  86. May 7, 2015


    The racing cars, those were fun

  87. May 7, 2015

    Jennifer L.

    My son loves it when he finds a puzzle.

  88. May 7, 2015

    Brenda Penton

    My son’s favourite was a little airplane

  89. May 7, 2015


    smurf Kinder toys are the best! 🙂

  90. May 7, 2015

    Lynda Cook

    I’m going to have to say the turtles, they were cute!!

  91. May 7, 2015

    lisa bolduc

    Anything with wheels is his fav

  92. May 7, 2015

    Donna D

    My son loved the cars

  93. May 7, 2015

    Erin McSweeney

    wow i’m not sure to be honest…but I would think it would be some kind of animal

  94. May 7, 2015

    Dawn Walsh

    a little smurf

  95. May 7, 2015

    anna key

    I loved the smurfs!

  96. May 7, 2015


    Would love to win…my little boy LOVES Kinder!!!

  97. May 7, 2015

    Laurie P

    Our favorite was the big sailboat we got in the giant kinder egg about 9 yrs ago. Still have it!!

  98. May 7, 2015

    Jenness M

    My son has a nice collection of cars!

  99. May 7, 2015

    Julie F

    It was the little Smurf

  100. May 7, 2015

    Michael Hurst

    I like the little cars trucks etc I’d love to win I got someone in mind!

  101. May 7, 2015

    lynn clayton

    transformers my son freaked he loved it

  102. May 7, 2015


    The little Hello Kitty ones!

  103. May 7, 2015

    Emma Walpole

    we just found a new fav last night, we found a baseball player minion. my son loves it

  104. May 7, 2015

    Doris H

    The little vehicles/cars are fun for the kids.

  105. May 7, 2015

    Tracy D

    A puzzle!

  106. May 7, 2015


    my girls loved the Smurf’s

  107. May 7, 2015

    andrea amy

    My sons prefer when they get cars

  108. May 7, 2015

    Anne Taylor

    My grandson found a car once and loved it!

  109. May 7, 2015

    Carole Dube

    The Smurf were the favourite!

  110. May 7, 2015

    Jennifer P.

    Our favourite was a little race car we had to put together – it worked really well once we built it, and my kids also loved decorating it with the stickers.

  111. May 7, 2015

    Victoria Ess

    I love them all! Recently we got a fuzzy bear!

  112. May 7, 2015


    They like the marvel ones

  113. May 7, 2015

    ivy pluchinsky

    we loved the frozen toys

  114. May 7, 2015

    wendy nicholls

    They love most of the toys they get , but I think the cars are their favorite

  115. May 7, 2015

    Maggie C

    My cousin found this princess box … she loves it!

  116. May 7, 2015


    My kids love getting stamps

  117. May 7, 2015

    Isabel Topps

    My grandson just got one with a baby seal, he hugged it 🙂

  118. May 7, 2015


    he liked the puzzle he got because he thought the pieces looked like a robot lol

  119. May 7, 2015

    Silvia D

    My daughter found a Tinkerbelle she loved!

  120. May 7, 2015

    Treen Goodwin

    My Grandson loves all the toys but he really liked a ball that came in the last one he had its black and white , he uses it with his little hockey stick 🙂

  121. May 7, 2015

    Carolle H

    Never had Kinder egg when I was young , but my kids love all those toys in it 🙂

  122. May 7, 2015


    My son loved the Marvel kinder surprises! He was so happy to have found spiderman.

  123. May 7, 2015

    Carey Hurst

    Wow tough one to answer , as the the toys were cool when I was younger. They were better than , I think so anyway. I would honestly say though getting minions would be my all time favorite.
    I really love the cute animals you get and the stamps this year have to be the favorite so far.
    My toddler is surprise egg crazed so he has many favorite ones .

  124. May 7, 2015


    all the toys are super cute…haven’t had a lot of Kinder eggs in our life, but i like the ones you have to build.

  125. May 7, 2015

    Lori Jackson

    My Son loves when he gets a truck or a jeep…typical 4yr old boy lol

  126. May 7, 2015

    Julie Dyer

    My daughter’s favourite KINDER toy is an adorable wee seal she found inside one of the KINDER Surprise eggs in her Easter basket this year.

  127. May 7, 2015

    Marilyn Legault

    my grandson found a red race car in an egg and carried it with him everywhere

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