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Making The Dog Days Of Summer More Fun With KINDER Surprises!

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Hey KINDER moms and dads! Can you believe we are already well into the “dog days of summer”?

Surprise! We are!

From the Merriam-Webster Dictonary, the “dog days of summer” are “the period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemisphere”, and typically known as “a period of stagnation or inactivity”.

This is really no surprise to many of us who have been sweltering through some of the hottest temperatures of the summer over the last few days. Top off the extreme temperatures with kids who have been on summer vacation for over a month now, and parents, you may have found yourselves at the short in of the campfire stick.

Those familiar complaints of “it’s too hot to play outside” and “I’m so bored!” are showing up with greater frequency in Canadian households across our great country. The novelty of being home for the summer has started to wear off. I’m sure we can all relate!

Kinder Surprise Egg

So how do you squash that mid-summer boredom? With help from the folks at KINDER of course!

Here’s how:

  • The KINDER® SURPRISE® Week of Play is happening on the KINDER Facebook page from August 10-14, 2015. This month, they have more games and prizes than usual…like this:


  • Left-handers’ day is on August 13. Sometimes being a “lefty” in a right-handed world is a tough thing. I know – I’ve got two left-handers in my family. Surprise your little left-handers with a KINDER Surprise to celebrate this special day with them, and show them how special being left-handed really is! 
  • KINDER® is at the Canadian National Exhibition again this year, but this time as the Kids’ World presenting partner! And that means there’ll be KINDER® SURPRISE® fun happening every day from August 21 to September 7. The KINDER® Smile Booth will be up and running, and we can’t even guess how many thousands of free KINDER® SURPRISE® eggs and resulting #kindersmiles we’ll hand out this year. Be sure to pop over and visit the booth, and share your photos and videos with your social networks!
  • Pssssst!!! If you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to share any of your shots featuring KINDER® SURPRISE® eggs! Post them and tag on KINDER on Instagram—they love regramming!

Happy August everyone! Enjoy the rest of summer while you can. Before you know it, the kids will be back to school…and you’ll be back to making school lunches!





Disclosure:  I’m a #KinderMom who is part of the KINDER® Canada influencer team; as part of my affiliation with KINDER® Canada, I am provided with special perks and products. All thoughts and opinions are my own



  1. August 28, 2015


    Great post! I should have mentioned Left-handers Day to my brother and cousin. Both of them are lefties and I remember as a kid, the elderly woman who used to take care of us used to tie their left hands behind them (tied to the chair!!!) in effort to make them use their right hands! She was extremely superstitious and it was believed that lefties were somehow connected to the devil. LOL! Needless to say, the boys never did get accustomed to using their right hands and the left won.

    I realize this comment would sound totally random had you not mentioned Left-handers Day! 🙂

    • August 28, 2015


      Thanks Christine! LOL…imagine! Thinking you can “cure” someone from being left-handed! Connected to the devil! LOL Wow! Your poor brother and cousin. Do they remember this? You’ll have to try to remember this special day next year 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your funny story, Christine! Loved it!

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