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Moores Suit Drive – Change A Life

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Change A Life. I love this campaign from Moores Clothing For Men.  I heard about the Moores Suit Drive campaign for the first time the other day, and let me tell you, I think it is a fantastic idea.

So what is this Moores Suit Drive campaign all about?  It’s literally about changing a life.  Moores Change A Life campaign is in its 4th year, and is all about benefiting at-risk Canadian men who are transitioning into the workforce, by providing them with gently-used professional attire to wear at their workplace.

With the unemployment rate remaining high here in Canada, almost all of us know someone who is, or who has been, unemployed in the last few years.  The Moores Suit Drive is a simple way for all of us to help our at-risk Canadian men get their feet back on the ground, and get back into the workforce.  The simple act of donating your gently-used professional attire could give a man a chance to transform his life.  Your donation could make a big difference to men who are finally receiving a paycheque, but do not have extra money to be able to buy themselves clothing for work – clothing that is a necessity for them to be able to work in an office environment.

How many of you guys out there (or men you know) have suits hanging in your closets right now that haven’t seen the light of day for months?  They are perfectly good, stylish suits but…you no longer fit the suit…you no longer like the style…or you simply have a closet that is overflowing with suits you just never wear anymore.  Pull those suits out of your closet and take them to Moores!

From now until July 31st, all Moores Clothing For Men stores will be accepting donations of gently-used professional attire.  So all you have to do is simply drop off your clothing to the Moores store nearest you.  That’s it.  Helping out a fellow Canadian could not be easier! You can donate your gently used men’s suits, shirts, jackets, pants, ties, belts and shoes.  Each Moores Clothing For Men store takes care of donating your professional attire to local organizations in your area who are participating in this program.

While donating to a cause really shouldn’t be about “getting something back in return”,  those that donate to Moores Suit Drive will receive 50% off their next purchase from Moores (Restrictions apply…please see coupon for details).

Don’t have any gently-used professional attire to donate to Moore’s Suit Drive?  No worries! You savvy social media fans can still help!  For every social media share you make within your social network, letting others know you support the #SuitDrive, Moores will donate $1 to this very important cause (up to a total maximum of $10,000).  So get tweeting House Mates!!


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Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Moores Clothing For Men/Moores Suit Drive Campaign.  All opinions are my own.



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