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Pine-Sol® And Scent Memories Make Total Sense #YesitsPinesol

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Pine-Sol Scents Memories

Canadian Blog House received compensation in exchange for this post featuring Pine-Sol®, a household cleaning product we’ve used for years, and one of my favourite scent memories. All opinions are our own. 

What scent memories take you back in time, and remind you of special moments in your life?

Our sense of smell is one of our senses most closely connected with memory. “A number of behavioral studies have demonstrated that smells trigger more vivid emotional memories and are better at inducing that feeling of “being brought back in time than images” states an article in Psychology Today.

Some scent memories make total “scents”. They often bring us back in time to something that had a big significance in our life.

For me, many of my scent memories are tied to “the good ol’ days”.

Pine-Sol Scents Memories

Pine-Sol® And My Favourite Scent Memories

The smell of car fumes from inside an underground garage always makes me think of treasured family trips to visit my Nana and aunt, who lived in an apartment with an underground garage.

A cold winter’s night, brings back fond memories of the many times my parents would take us on a fun day trip to visit our cousins. We’d arrive home in the evening to the smell of fresh, crisp winter air.

The smell of salty ocean air reminds me of my first trip to the ocean with my parents when I was 12 years old.

Hockey Night in Canada, and the smell of a pipe, were always paired together on Saturday nights as I would cuddle with my dad in his chair, and smell the scent of pipe smoke on his shirt.

The scent of cedar trees, or bushes, always reminds me of my “happy place” as a kid – the family cottage.

My mum was never without her red Revlon lipstick, and I think of her every time I smell that scent.

The smell of my mother’s favourite sweater provided great comfort to me in the weeks after she passed away.

Pine-Sol Scents Memories

Speaking of my mum, one of her go-to cleaning products, when I was growing up, was Original Pine-Sol®. Mum used Pine-Sol® to clean the floors and bathrooms in our house. This classic pine-scented cleaner always left our house smelling, and looking, so clean.

Why Mess With A Good Thing?

As a young adult, I foolishly thought that some of the newfangled household cleaners I was using in my own home were better than the “old-school” cleaners my mum was still using.

It took me a few years but, I eventually came to realize that of course, mum always knew best.

After all, mum was still using Pine-Sol® – because it worked!

Pine-Sol Scent Memories

Looking For A Fresh Start To Start The Fall Season?

Of course not everyone appreciates the same scents. That’s why Pine-Sol® now offers its powerful Multi-Surface Cleaner in calming Lavender, energizing Mandarin, uplifting Lemon Fresh, and inspiring Spring Blossom, a delightful bouquet of magnolia, jasmine and orange blossom fragrances.

Bold and long-lasting, these scents are sure to please.

These deodorizing multi-purpose cleaners cut through the toughest stains, grease and grime. Use Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner to keep your entire home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, sparkling and smelling clean. That’s the power of Pine-Sol®.

Pine-Sol Scent Memories

Intrigued by the relationship between scents and memories, I recently posed a question to my readers asking them “What smell brings back a strong memory for you, every time you smell it?”

Here’s what they had to say:

What about you? Have any scent memories you’d love to share with us? We’d love to hear them!

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