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KINDER Surprise Eggs have always been a part of X-Man’s Christmas morning. Santa is a very wise man, he knows how much X-Man loves the chocolate eggs with the surprise in the middle. Santa always makes sure he leaves X-Man at least 2 or 3 KINDER Surprise Eggs in his stocking.

We never tire of seeing the #kindersmiles on X-Man’s face as he unwraps the foil from a KINDER Surprise Egg, sets the chocolate shell aside, digs into the plastic holder, finds his surprise, then gobbles up every last bit of KINDER chocolate.  It’s such a repetitive pattern, but one that brings him great holiday joy…and us…well we end up with a big #kindersmiles on our faces too!

Santa never brought me KINDER Surprise Eggs when I was a kid.  I don’t think he knew about them way back then. That all seemed to change in the 1980’s when my nieces and nephews were growing up.  I remember many #kindersmiles on their faces on Christmas morning.



KINDER Canada and Canadian Blog House want to know all about YOUR holiday traditions and memories with KINDER Surprise Eggs. Did Santa use to bring you KINDER Surprise Eggs in your stocking? Did your eight nights of Hanukkah include tasty KINDER treats? Did you start a KINDER tradition with your own children? We want to know!

So here is a KINDER Surprise for you! Here’s your chance to WIN your very own KINDER Surprise Prize Pack! Here’s what you could WIN:


The prize pack includes:

  • One KINDER® Advent Calendar
  • One KINDER® Hollow Santa with SURPRISE®
  • One KINDER® SURPRISE® 100g Christmas egg
  • One KINDER® SURPRISE® MAXI 150g egg

Wow! That prize pack should bring on a whole lot of #kindersmiles!

One more KINDER Surprise for those of you living in the Toronto area!  From November 7-16TH the KINDER Surprise Smile Booth will be at The Royal Winter Fair! Be sure to stop by and smile your biggest #kindersmiles…you may just be in for your very own KINDER Surprise!

Here’s how you can enter to WIN:


The contest winner will be required to provide a full name and complete mailing address to be shared with KINDER® for shipping purposes. While you may enter as many of the KINDER® contests as you like, you can only win once.

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Disclosure: Canadian Blog House received special perks for being part of the KINDER Canada #KinderMom program. All opinions are our own.


  1. November 4, 2014

    aarone mawdsley

    Opening up a Kinder egg on christmas morning!

  2. November 4, 2014


    I bought the Kinder Advent Calendar for my son last year. He is already asking for one this year! He just LOVES those Kinder Eggs!

  3. November 4, 2014

    Karry Knisley

    I always bought my children the Kinder Surprise advent calenders. I think they were more excited for December 1st than Christmas. My oldest is 21 and I still buy him one (as per his request).

  4. November 4, 2014


    Giving the kids Kinder eggs in their stockings!

  5. November 4, 2014

    Carey Hurst

    We always get the Kinder Advent calendar, I always get Santa to put egg, the small ones and the kindr chocolate bars in the stockings . We also always give the big eggafter Xmas to get them so much cheaper 🙂

  6. November 4, 2014

    Angela Mitchell

    My daughter has been getting the Kinder Advent calendar for several years now. And my son will be getting his first calendar this year!

  7. November 4, 2014

    seham merzib

    eating kinder egg chocolate and setting up the toys on christmas

  8. November 4, 2014

    Jenness M

    Loved watching my kids open their kinder advent calendars last year!

  9. November 4, 2014


    Our Kinder holiday tradition is to find Kinder chocolate in our stockings and build our toys together

  10. November 4, 2014

    Lisa K

    Putting Kinder eggs in stockings.

  11. November 4, 2014

    Lynda Cook

    The girls loved getting the giant eggs at Christmas time!!

  12. November 4, 2014

    Erin McSweeney

    The advent calendar is so much fun to watch in the month of December

  13. November 4, 2014

    Judy Cowan

    We always put a couple Kinder Eggs in the kids stocking and they are allowed to eat the chocolate and put the toy together while the adults finish opening their stockings.

  14. November 4, 2014


    My son’s first christmas

  15. November 4, 2014

    Joy M.

    going to the tree farm and cutting down our own Christmas tree!

  16. November 4, 2014

    Doris H

    Favourite tradition is watching the kids in the family open their advent calendars. They love it!

  17. November 4, 2014


    We have kinder eggs in our stockings and give them as mini gifts 🙂

  18. November 4, 2014

    Florence C

    I buy kinder eggs for the grandchildren for there stockings. Before that I put them in my son’s stocking.

  19. November 4, 2014


    My boys used to get kinder eggs every year for Christmas when they were little. Now we are buying our grandsons kinder eggs for Christmas.

  20. November 4, 2014

    ivy pluchinsky

    Kinder Eggs in their stockings

  21. November 4, 2014

    Karla Sceviour

    I have always put a kinder egg in my sons stocking,ever since he was small.

  22. November 4, 2014

    Amy C

    Getting KINDER Surprise chocolates in my stocking.

  23. November 4, 2014

    Silvia D

    i remember waiting for a package from overseas from my Grandmother, she would always have lots of Kinder products in it for us kids! This was before Kinder was here in stores!

  24. November 4, 2014


    I love getting Kinder eggs in my stocking!

  25. November 4, 2014


    Kinder eggs in the stocking is a must!

  26. November 4, 2014

    Julie G

    Our tradition was always to open a kinder egg at the table after the Christmas meal. It was always fun seeing who got the coolest toy and who got the dud puzzle!

  27. November 4, 2014


    My wife makes sure all of us, including me, gets a kinder egg surprise in our stocking every year and we open it together on Christmas morning.

  28. November 4, 2014

    Amy Heffernan

    Making a gingerbread house with the 3 boys!

  29. November 4, 2014

    Lori Jackson

    My Son is obsessed with kinder eggs so Ive probably bought hundreds but his ultimate moment was last Easter we bought him the giant one!

  30. November 4, 2014

    Victoria Ess

    Ours was getting Kinders for Easter.

  31. November 4, 2014

    angela m

    My kids always get Kinder eggs in their stockings and it is the first treat they want to eat.

  32. November 4, 2014


    My son’s face the first time he received a giant Kinder egg

  33. November 4, 2014


    I loved having those in my stockings when I was a kid! It made me really happy 🙂

  34. November 4, 2014

    kristen sowko

    We love giving kinder eggs in our stockings!!! My son loves them!

  35. November 4, 2014

    Tracy D

    My niece looks forward to the Kinder advent calendar I buy her every year.

  36. November 4, 2014


    I loved getting a Kinder egg in my stocking.

  37. November 4, 2014

    Nicole B

    kinder eggs in the stocking! My kids love them!

  38. November 4, 2014


    My kids and grandkids get kinder Eggs in their stockings at Christmas

  39. November 4, 2014

    Tammy Dalley

    Getting kinder eggs christmas morning in my stocking!

  40. November 4, 2014

    NJ @littleluckeh

    Those huge Kinder Eggs at Easter

  41. November 4, 2014


    stuffing the stockings full of Kinder eggs

  42. November 4, 2014


    My favourite memory is the anticipation of the day (and presents) first thing in the morning.

  43. November 4, 2014


    We rarely had Kinder eggs while growing up so it would be a rare treat to get a Kinder Egg. I remember looking forward to the prize inside!

  44. November 4, 2014

    Suzie M

    I love it when the kids realize what they are getting & just can’t wait

  45. November 4, 2014

    D. Gibb

    Christmas morning

  46. November 5, 2014

    Kate Hearn

    I remember getting Kinder eggs when I was little. I still love them now (and I’m in my 30s). E very year Santa leaves a pk of eggs for everyone (and extras for the little guy).

  47. November 5, 2014

    Maegan Morin

    We love doing the Kinder Advent Calendar every year! So much fun and yummy chocolate!

  48. November 5, 2014

    Jennifer P.

    My favourite KINDER Surprise Holiday Tradition is that my good friend always gets our girls a holiday Kinder surprise for both Christmas and Easter – the girls love them! I think the favourite so far was the Kinder train.

  49. November 5, 2014


    My kids get Kinder surprises in their stockings.

  50. November 5, 2014


    I loved one year when my son opened Calliou and was so thrilled, he screamed so excitedly for some time. He was maybe 3 years old.

  51. November 5, 2014

    kathy downey

    we always have kinder treats in out stocking

  52. November 5, 2014

    ashley p

    my favourite holiday memory is my dad reading night before christmas at bedtime every year on christmas eve. I have carried that on with my own kids

  53. November 5, 2014

    Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo

    I’m not sure whether the toys are the treat or the chocolate. The best of both worlds with Kinder Eggs.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  54. November 5, 2014

    Jon T

    My favourite Kinder memory is the giant egg with a stuffed bear inside that I gave my son for his first Christmas

  55. November 5, 2014

    Karen Evans

    At our home, for many years, my 2 daughters would get 1 gift (of their choice) to open. Then I would make hot chocolate, which we drank while watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas(animated)”. We would be in our jammies by then. 🙂

  56. November 5, 2014

    Tina L.

    My favouriter Kinder memory is getting the large Kinder egg one year for Christmas. We always get the regular Kinder eggs in our stockings.

  57. November 5, 2014


    Last year we gave my daughter a kinder egg in her stocking. She enjoyed the little toy in it.

  58. November 5, 2014

    Jasmine Bourret

    It is Christmas tradition to have a Kinder Egg strategically placed at the foot of the stocking so it is the very last great surprise opened on Christmas morn.

  59. November 5, 2014


    Receiving a spirograph Kinder for Christmas

  60. November 5, 2014

    Yuen C

    I like getting those huge Kinder and see the look of their faces!

  61. November 5, 2014


    i’m in my 30’s and every year I get a giant Kinder egg in my stocking, well in front of my stocking. Been happening since I was a kid and that I’m married my husbands kept the tradition alive.

  62. November 5, 2014

    lori b

    my kids get them in their christmas stockings

  63. November 5, 2014

    Andrea Amy

    Every Christmas with my Dad is my favourite holiday memory. Christmas since he passed away hasn’t been the same. He LOVED Christmas.

  64. November 5, 2014

    Sara Rai

    We usually get the huge kinder eggs:) family fun eating it.

  65. November 5, 2014

    Brenda Penton

    Kinder Eggs have always gone into my boy’s stockings. I don’t think we’ve missed a year yet.

  66. November 5, 2014


    I always remember it as a kid, I was allergic to milk chocolate so I used to separate the white chocolate and eat it and throw out the milk chocolate!

  67. November 5, 2014

    Carolle H

    It was to see my little girl face we she open the giant Kinder egg

  68. November 5, 2014

    Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

    Seeing a kinder egg inside my Christmas stocking.

  69. November 5, 2014

    Marilyn Legault

    I never bought Kinder eggs until after my 2 year old grandson, who lives in the USA, showed me videos of kids opening the eggs on Youtube and was all excited. Now we are sure to buy him Kinder Eggs when he comes to visit us here in Canada.

  70. November 5, 2014


    Kinder Surprise was always our favourite growing up. We always had them in our stockings and got to open them first! Hoping to start that tradition this year with our daughter.

  71. November 5, 2014


    advent calendar

  72. November 5, 2014

    Lori Bazan

    I loved getting Kinder Eggs in my chocolate, eating them up and finding the toy inside!

  73. November 5, 2014

    Harry C

    Love these

  74. November 5, 2014

    James Robb

    Our favourite Christmas tradition is going down the stairs together, to see what Santa brought.

  75. November 5, 2014


    Kinder eggs in our stocking every year.

  76. November 5, 2014


    New PJ’s each Xmas Eve as when my oldest was only 2, Santa accidently dropped a gift on Xmas Eve on his way to Ireland before Canada (we are from Ireland) & since then even though my children are way big, it continues 🙂

  77. November 5, 2014


    Filling stockings with Kinder eggs

  78. November 5, 2014

    Rob Hawryluk

    Great Contest!

  79. November 6, 2014

    Elizabeth Vlug

    Watching the kids take that first bite of their Kinder Egg.

  80. November 6, 2014

    Lillian Brown

    My grand kids always get Kinder eggs in their stocking

  81. November 6, 2014

    Donna L.

    I give Kinder eggs to my nieces and nephews every Christmas! They really love them and look forward to this tradition.

  82. November 6, 2014


    We always have kinder surprises in our stockings!

  83. November 6, 2014

    Megan Willis

    These are my daughters favourite so her stocking is pretty much filled with them every year!

  84. November 6, 2014

    Josh S

    It is a special treat for my daughter when she gets to open up her Kinder Surprise egg.

  85. November 6, 2014


    Christmas Eggs!

  86. November 6, 2014


    Our favourite tradition is getting together and making our gingerbread houses and gingerbread men days before Christmas

  87. November 6, 2014

    Maria McLachlan

    I love using kinder for Easter egg hunt! Great choice in sizes and yummy!

  88. November 6, 2014

    Amanda Manduh

    We love the Kinder Advent Calendars, every year we get one for the kidlet. She loves them because they have much more variety and surprises each day than just the generic ones from the grocery store. Also, we all each get a Kinder Egg in our stockings with some little tangerines, Santa likes us to have fruit before chocolate lol

  89. November 6, 2014

    Erika E

    I always get my son a giant Kinder Egg as part of his Christmas stocking treats. The big toys inside are always fun!

  90. November 6, 2014

    kim heintz

    We always put Kinder Surprise eggs in my little guy’s stocking – he can’t get enough of them!

  91. November 6, 2014

    nicole jean

    my favorite kinder moment is hiding money in Kinder eggs on Easter

  92. November 6, 2014

    Laurie P

    Every year we decorate our mini tree in all the kinder toys we’ve accumulated over the last 15 yrs. That’s a lot of eggs lol.

  93. November 6, 2014

    Michelle K

    I put Kinder eggs in my kids stockings every year

  94. November 6, 2014

    Holly Messana

    We normally have Kinder eggs at Easter, but I really like the idea of putting an egg in each of the kids stockings, so we have a new tradition.

  95. November 6, 2014

    Valerie Mallette

    One of my favourite KINDER Surprise Holiday Memories was receiving a Kinder egg on Christmas morning 🙂

  96. November 6, 2014

    kristen visser

    my mom has always given my brothers and I kinder surprise eggs in our stocking and also for easter

  97. November 6, 2014


    My favourite Kinder moment is when my son was given a large Kinder egg at Easter. His eyes lit right up!

  98. November 6, 2014

    Angela M

    Kinder Surprise are my kids favorite so I always make sure that they wake up Christmas morning to find them in their stockings!

  99. November 6, 2014

    Marsha Arditti

    Kinder eggs

  100. November 6, 2014

    sunshine h

    We don’t really have any. Kinder is an occasional treat, but I think DD has only had about 4 in her life.

  101. November 7, 2014

    Ami B

    I stick one in my little ones stockings every year 🙂

  102. November 7, 2014


    Our tradition is getting together a few days before Christmas to have a gingerbread house building competition!

  103. November 7, 2014

    Carole B.

    i wanted the chocolate, my brother the surprise!

  104. November 7, 2014

    Cassie Fancy

    Santa leaves kinder surprises in everyone’s stocking every year

  105. November 7, 2014

    Brenda Lacourciere

    my favorite memory was the year santa brought my grandson a potty because he wasn’t training well.

  106. November 7, 2014

    Ryan Spencer

    I always give a Kinder surprise to my Niece on christmas day!

  107. November 7, 2014


    Every year at work we buy each other 1 Kinder egg (As a secret Santa) and we open them up together at the Christmas party. Sometimes people get creative and sneak secret presents inside of hand made Kinder’s. It is always fun to watch everyone open there little chocolately surprise. Seeing as there are 33 women in our office this is always a hit during the Christmas season year after year..

  108. November 7, 2014


    No matter the holiday our kids just love getting Kinder Surprise!!! The chocolate is yummy and the little toy is always a delight 🙂

  109. November 7, 2014


    we buy them at Easter & put them in xmas stockings.

  110. November 7, 2014

    Seana h

    Don’t really have any traditions, but always love kinder eggs

  111. November 7, 2014

    Heidi Watts

    Putting kinder eggs in their stocking every year- this Christmas they will be 16 and 14 lol

  112. November 8, 2014


    The Kinder Surprise eggs are the best!

  113. November 8, 2014


    My grandmother sneaking me Kinder eggs while my parents were busy chatting during family holiday gatherings.

  114. November 8, 2014


    We always have kinders in our Christmas stockings! It is so much fun putting the toys together as a family. 🙂

  115. November 8, 2014

    Carole Dube

    My favourite KINDER Surprise Holiday Tradition is putting KINDER Surprise in my children stocking stuffer.

  116. November 8, 2014


    I love the kinder surprise advent calendar.

  117. November 8, 2014


    I’ve always loved getting a Kinder egg in my stocking. Would save it until the very end. I don’t know what I loved more – the chocolate or the surprise. Kinder chocolate is one of the creamiest chocolates there is!

  118. November 9, 2014


    I bought the Kinder advent calendar last year and it was so much fun watching my cousin’s son open it. I’m definitely making that a tradition from now on!

  119. November 9, 2014

    Monique L.S.

    My favourite memory will be when my daughter opens her stocking to find a giant Kinder Surprise in there. And watching her expression as she opens it and discovers all the toys.

  120. November 9, 2014

    Wendy L.

    Giving my son a Kinder Christmas Eggs with Reindeer Plush.

  121. November 9, 2014

    Steph Bkn

    Love putting kinder eggs in the kids advent calender i made them every year

  122. November 9, 2014

    Amber Y

    we had them in our stockings as kids and we continue to use them as stocking stuffers.

  123. November 10, 2014

    Andrew P

    Kinder Eggs in Stockings 🙂

  124. November 10, 2014

    Lee-Ann S

    Remember all the kids at last year’s Christmas party got one and the girls were more interested in getting to the princesses then the chocolate.

  125. November 10, 2014

    Eva Mitton-Urban

    Creature of tradition – Advent calendars pinned up December 1st then cardboard windows are opened and enjoyed. Kinder Advent calendars are my favorite treat. Seems to be Grinch stealing chocolates though, Mom always prepared – purchase two advent calendars and son & hubby both happy. They never grow up….lol

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  126. November 11, 2014


    Just watching my daughter get excited about them!

  127. November 11, 2014

    Sabrina Tong

    I look forward to trimming the tree with my family, it was one of my best memories growing up with my parents.

  128. November 11, 2014


    Watching my nieces open these up and have fun playing with the toys!

  129. November 11, 2014

    Rachel Cartwright

    I always loved getting Kinder eggs from Santa!

  130. November 12, 2014

    Kristine Ewald

    Giving one to my daughter

  131. November 13, 2014

    Teresa Claire

    My daughter has wonderful Kinder memories…I still buy the big one for her at Easter and Christmas time…she is 26 years old now!

  132. November 14, 2014

    Suzanne G

    My favourite holiday tradition was everyone getting to open one gift on Christmas Eve.

  133. November 15, 2014


    My mother-in-law gets kinder surprises for all the grandkids every Christmas and they open them before we do presents. Sometimes the kinder surprises are the most fun part of the day!

  134. November 15, 2014

    Sarah Stickney

    kinder eggs in the stocking

  135. November 16, 2014

    marie s

    I’m going to start the pj in a box with a movie and treat with my daughter

  136. November 16, 2014

    Fan R

    We love preparing Kinder eggs for other kids coming to visit us on holidays.

  137. November 16, 2014


    opening stocking on Christmas morning

  138. November 16, 2014

    Kristi Renout

    We love watching the kids open their gifts on Christmas morning, then flying home to visit family.

  139. November 16, 2014

    sarah w

    We always put Kinder Eggs in the kids stockings every year. It’s become tradition!

  140. November 16, 2014

    Wilma P

    My favorite thing is going to church on Christmas Eve then coming home and each child got to open one gift.

  141. November 16, 2014

    Betty S

    we have Kinder at every Christmas table. we now take the older toys and display them under the tree

  142. November 16, 2014

    Sherry K

    Always give my son Kinder eggs for Christmas, he is an adult now, but I still give him Kinder eggs and we enjoy checking out the gifts inside.

  143. November 17, 2014

    Christine Nunes

    I always get kinder eggs as a Christmas gift I’m 25 and still one of my favourite gifts

  144. November 17, 2014

    Anna W

    I put kinder eggs in the bottom of my childrens stocking. They love finding it last.

  145. November 17, 2014

    Lisa McLain

    I always buy the kinder eggs for there stockings !

  146. November 18, 2014

    BobbiJo Pentney

    We go to candlelight service on Christmas Eve.

  147. November 19, 2014

    Owen D

    something to look forward too

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