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Some People Should Not Be Allowed To Tweet!

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With its ability for users to share breaking news as it happens, Twitter has become the “go-to” source for breaking news and information whenever a big story happens around the world.

Tonight, as I write this post, that big story is about the strongest hurricane in recorded history, Hurricane Patricia, whose 200 MPH winds are devastating parts of Mexico.

Like everything in life, your Twitter feed is likely full of both good and bad. Tonight my Twitter feed is chock-full of bad. Videos of Hurricane Patricia’s horrendous winds bearing down on the Mexican coast, terrifying photos of an immense waterspout, photos of flooded streets, and heart-breaking photos of dogs caught in the resulting floods. You can be sure this is just a small taste of the horror the residents of this area of Mexico are experiencing tonight.

As if my Twitter feed couldn’t be worse, my eye caught the following tweet from Everett A. Stern, United States Senate Candidate (thanks to a retweet):


Note Everett’s first tweet at the bottom of the snip. That is the controversial tweet that resulted in an ongoing “back and forth” between Everett and his followers…who are most likely former followers now.

Everett did not stop with the topic of Hurricane Patricia:

(***Edit – this tweet has since been removed***)

I’m not going to debate whether or not Everett’s comments have any merit, however, Everett is likely a well-educated man, and obviously knows a thing or two about the HSBC, since he is a self-proclaimed “HSBC Whistleblower”. Someone with his “intelligence” should know better than to tweet the types of comments he did, with such sweeping generalizations. No matter how you feel about Mexican drug cartels, or any other world issues, this is NOT the time to air personal views like this.

Here’s another example of someone who would be better off NOT to tweet as a major natural disaster is developing:

Is it just me, or does Donna’s tweet make Hurricane Patricia sound like a light, fluffy dessert?

I’m certain Donna did not mean for her tweet to come across in that way, but it sure did to me.

A tweet by a young woman in Texas passed through my feed. She was at the airport awaiting a flight and was so incensed at having her flight delayed by Hurricane Patricia, that she just had to tweet about it. The only thing that tweet did was to serve as an example of how spoiled and entitled this woman appears to be. Maybe she isn’t, but that is not what I took away from her tweet. I wish I could share it with you but, I didn’t print screen this one, and now she has deleted the tweet. Looks like one of her followers must have alerted her to how ridiculous she sounded.

The insensitivity didn’t stop there. I saw numerous people using the hashtag to promote their businesses. Businesses that have absolutely nothing to do with helping victims of the hurricane in any way, shape, or form. Now is NOT the time to promote your business on the back of a hashtag referring to a natural disaster!

I will give Everett credit for sticking to his principles. At least he did not delete what he had already tweeted after he started receiving flak for his comments. At least not by the time this post goes live.

Maybe once his campaign manager reads everything, those tweets will disappear too. (***Edit: a delete did occur)

What do you think? Do YOU stop and think before you tweet, especially during times of natural disasters and national tragedies?



  1. October 28, 2015

    Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo

    Given the deadly incident in Canada’s Capital last year, and the fact that emergency response groups asked “us” to be quiet, I am very reluctant to add any “fuel to the fire” during a major crisis. What I have to say won’t fix anything.

    Having said that, I received many tweets, messages and emails before, during and after Hurricane Patricia hit as friends thought that I might be in Mexico (we leave in 6 weeks) so I responded to those in the medium in which they were sent.

    It’s unfortunate that the people you quote chose the words and forum that they did for the agenda (whatever it may be) that they had. I’d like to think that they just weren’t thinking as opposed to being bad people.

    Besos Sarah.

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