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Summer Camp Options For Older Kids

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Summer Camp Options For Older Kids

Back when I was a kid, finding summer camp options often proved to be a difficult task for parents.  Sure, there were your girl guide/boy scout camps, your 4-H camps, and plenty of day camps, however, my generation had no where near the choice of summer camp options that kids today do.

X-Man will be taking part in a few weeks of camp this summer. For X-Man, summer camp is a time to make new friends, participate in fun sports and activities, and blow off some of that summer boredom that starts to creep in after a few weeks of being away from the classroom.

After researching the types of summer camps offered for older kids, we discovered something surprising. The number of different summer camp options out there is astounding! Pick an interest and you’ll probably find a summer camp to go along with that interest.

For example, like rock climbing? There’s a camp for that. Like mountain biking? There’s a camp for that. Like to sing and dance? There’s a camp for those activities too. It seems like the list is practically endless.

After many hours of scouring the internet looking into summer camp options for older kids, we decided to put a list together of some great looking camps we found, to hopefully help you in your search to find the best summer camp for your children.  Please note, there are so many great options for Canadian summer camps for older kids, we could have written a book with all the options. Instead, we decided to highlight some of the more unique and interesting options we found out there.


  • Our Kids Summer Camp For Teens – While X-Man is not old enough for this camp, for those of you who have teenagers, this camp looks great. The focus with Our Kids camps is on adventure, the outdoors and learning important leadership skills.
  • College Of Makeup Art And Design Summer Camp – This one week intensive workshop camp for teens ages 15-18 years old is ideal for the teen whose interests lie in fashion’s latest design and make up trends. I know a few teens who would love this type of camp! Heck, I was so in to hair and makeup as a teen, that I would have been begging my mother to attend this camp if this option had been around back then. For teens who love the thought of going one step further and perfecting their movie and television character make up skills – including Zombie make up! – this is the camp for them!
  • Tim Horton Summer Camps – If you know of a child aged 9-12 who comes from an economically disadvantaged home. this summer camp could be their ticket to an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. Children must meet certain criteria to be considered for this camp, but for those who do, it can open up a whole new world for them.
  • Learning French In Quebec – If mastering a second language is top of your list for your child, this summer camp may be just what you are looking for. Older kids and teens at this camp spend their time immersed in French Canadian culture, living and learning French in Quebec City.
  • Manitou Camp – Located in the Muskoka/Parry Sound region of Ontario, this summer camp is a camp made for kids – no matter if they are a team player, an individualist, creative or athletic – Camp Manitou has a program for all kids.
  • 4-H Camps – 4-H camps have been around for years, and apparently, they are still going strong! From Discovery Days camps, to leadership camps, to adventure camps, 4-H camps will keep your active kids interested and engaged!
  • Youth Leadership Camps Canada – All the great fun and activities offered by a typical summer camp, with an emphasis on helping kids discover their natural leadership abilities.
  • Ontario Pioneer Camp – With a focus on faith and spirituality, this summer camp is a fun-filled and safe place of adventure and challenge.
  • Outward Bound – While deemed more of a wilderness course than a summer camp, Outward Bound has a number of opportunities for high school students to earn high school credits while at the same time learning valuable life skills.

Haven’t seen a summer camp in our list that will interest your child? Don’t despair. There is a summer camp out there for every kid, including yours!

Will you be sending your kids to summer camp this year? What great summer camps have you discovered?


  1. May 29, 2016


    Very good information Sandy. Wow, so many choices today!

    • May 29, 2016


      Thanks Christina – and there are so many more out there! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. May 12, 2015

    Brenda A

    What a selection! *I* want to attend many of those camps!

    • May 12, 2015


      Hehehe! I feel the exact same as you, Brenda. I would love to give all these camps a try…if I weren’t so old!

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