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  1. A Cup Of Tea And An Interview With Tea Sommelier Linda Gaylard

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        Since you, my readers, are so wise, you probably already knew that there is such a thing as a “Tea Sommelier”. Me, I had no idea this title existed. While I’ve got many friends, including my friend Annie from England, who are extremely knowledgeable about tea, I did...
  2. DK Canada Takes You Off The Tourist Trail…And Into The 20TH Century! #Review #Giveaway

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    It’s time for another fabulous DK Canada giveaway! You will NOT be disappointed with the selection of books I’m giving away this time.  They are a little “off the beaten path” so to speak, but I’m pretty sure they are books that all my readers will love! Speaking of “off...
  3. Top 10 Fun Facts About The Koala Bear Writer

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    In the 3rd installment of my Top 10 Fun Facts series, today I am featuring Blogger, Bonnie, from The Koala Bear Writer. Bonnie blogs about motherhood, books, and family-friendly products.  When she’s not blogging, she loves spending time rock climbing, reading, or watching movies with her husband. I love the...
  4. There’s Moore Than Meets The Eye In Delaine Moore’s New Book ~ #Review ~ #Giveaway

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    Delaine Moore (centre) with Cynthia Preston (left) and Ashley Jones (right) The “light bulb” moment came for Delaine Moore while she was on the table at her acupuncturist’s office.  After hearing of Delaine’s impending life as a divorcée, her acupuncturist said to her: “You might be getting a divorce, but...
  5. HMV Canada Holiday CD And DVD Wish List #HMVHoliday #Shop

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      HMV has our holiday wish list all “wrapped” up this Christmas.  Or, based on our recent HMV CD purchase, should I say all “rapped” up?  That’s right, it was time this weekend, to check all that holiday music, and those music accessories, DVDs and CDs off our list! We...
  6. Release Your Inner Girl ~ Cross-Canada Book Tour With Tina O’Connor #Ottawa

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    Hey Ottawa! Author Tina O’Connor will be kicking off her cross-Canada “Release Your Inner Girl” Book Tour here in the Capital this coming Thursday October 3rd!  Celebrating the debut of her second book, “Be That Mom” Tina will be hosting this fun-filled evening giving ladies the chance to stop, relax and...
  7. Who’s Your Superhero? DK Canada Books #Giveaway

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    Superheroes.  Everyone has a favourite.  Whether it’s Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, or Batman, Canadians seem to have an ongoing fascination for Superheroes. I recently had the pleasure of being able to see the new Superman movie “Man Of Steel” at the theatre in IMAX 3D.  No matter the superhero on...
  8. Celebrate Father’s Day With DK Canada Books #Review #Giveaway

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    Photo of baby grackles in their nest taken by my boyfriend – Spring 2013 With Canadian Father’s Day fast approaching here in Canada this weekend, DK Canada recently contacted me to suggest I review a few books – books that father’s might like for their special day.  I just cannot...
  9. Toys! Toys! Toys! Mastermind Toys Blogger Event – #Ottawa

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    Does anyone ever get too old to play with toys? I don’t think so.  I think every adult out there can still find the joy in playing with the newest and “hottest” toys with their children and grandchildren.  There’s just something great about toys that continue to capture the interest...
  10. Rocks And Minerals – The World In Your Hands – #WIN A Copy From DK Canada – #Review #Giveaway

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    My family loves to “treasure hunt”  By that I mean, throw us on a beach and we’ll beachcomb for hours.  Lead us into the forest and we’ll spend an afternoon hiking through the bush, stopping to look under logs, rocks and anything else covering the forest floor. Living in the...
  11. Everything You Need To Know About Snakes…DK Books #WIN #Review #Giveaway #EarthDay

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    Ever seen a snake when you first wake up in the morning?  Of course I’m talking about the scaly, green slit-eyed, forked-tongued variety!  Well I have…bright and early last Thursday morning.  No, we don’t own a Green Tree Python.  We own the new Smithsonian “Everything You Need To Know About...


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