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Telus Grand Gestures ~ What Do You Wish For? #ActsOfCaring

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When I think of a Canadian company that provides great customer service, one of the first companies that comes to mind is Telus.  Telus is the communications company with the super cute animal advertisements, and that coveted annual calendar full of adorable critters that they mail out to Telus customers, free of charge, every year.

As someone who is extremely active on my social media channels, I’ve come to notice that Telus provides their customers with excellent and informative tweets, posts, and interactions on both Twitter and Facebook.  Have you noticed that?  I frequently see the Telus Support social media team alerting followers as to who is taking care of responses on Twitter at a given time of day. I see a lot of interaction between the Telus Support social media team and their followers.

As a Telus customer myself, I have experienced Telus’ excellent customer service and their appreciation for their customers.  I purchased a mobile phone from Telus a few years ago, and after having some difficulty figuring out some of the functions on my new phone, I was informed by a Telus employee that they provide a free 1:1 Learning Session for Telus Mobility customers who need additional assistance with their mobile phones.  They set me up with an appointment and I received free one-on-one instruction at my local store during a 1 hour session.  I left feeling much more knowledgeable about my phone, and extremely impressed with Telus that they offered this type of service – free! Personally, I’ve had numerous customer interactions with various Telus staff and every single interaction has been nothing but positive no matter if I had a question, a comment, or a complaint for them.

Telus is GREAT at what they are known for…communication!

Is brand interaction and communication with customers important? I think it is! To me it is very important for brands like Telus to show customers that they appreciate us by responding to our questions (in a timely matter!), acknowledging our comments, and taking our complaints seriously when we make the effort to bring something to their attention. It is especially important for brands to be accountable and interactive on social media these days.  When a customer tweets a brand on Twitter, or comments on Facebook, they are expecting a response from the brand.  Customers want to be heard and acknowledged by the brands they reach out to.

Crickets might make for a cute Telus ad campaign…but customers never have to worry about “hearing crickets” from Telus.

“Hearing crickets” ~ when a place becomes so quiet you can “hear crickets”, this usually means that no one is talking or interested in saying anything. It’s like an awkward silence or situation. 

Telus is always engaging in conversation with their customers, and always interested in what their customers are saying. In fact, Telus has recently gone above and beyond their own high customer service standards for keeping their customers happy with their recent Telus Grand Gestures #ActsOfCaring customer appreciation experiences. Have you heard about what Telus is doing to thank their long-time customers?

Take a look at the amazing experience Telus provided to 20-year customer, Ramona:

“TELUS truly cares about the communities where we live, work and play. Putting customers first is our top priority and part of that is listening to their feedback and thanking them for their loyalty. This focus on our customers guides everything we do, from our Give Where We Live philosophy to our Customers First days, where senior leaders interact with front-line team members to see what customers want first-hand” For more from the Telus YouTube Channel, you can subscribe here

I have to admit, I’m a little jealous of Ramona.  After watching her video, and seeing how the Telus team made Ramona’s dream day come true with her Telus Grand Gestures experience, I did a little day-dreaming about what I would love to do if I had the chance to experience my own Telus Grand Gestures dream day.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge animal lover (and a total sucker for all Telus animal ads). I’d have to say that my dream day would consist of getaway somewhere in the sunny south where I would get the chance to swim with some dolphins.  There is just something about those amazing finned creatures that has always captured my affection.  A swim with the dolphins would knock the number one thing off my bucket list, and make me one very happy woman!

Telus believes that a simple thank you can go a long way.  Ramona’s surprise was just the beginning.  The Telus Care-a-van Team recently rolled into the community of Guelph to perform everyday acts of caring all over town. As part of this, Telus is donating $5 to the Guelph Children’s Foundation for every use of the hashtag #actsofcaring. The Top 100 Telus customers will be thanked personally with a Telus care package, and a BBQ will be held for the Top 1000 Telus customers and their families where a cheque for $5,000 from Telus will be presented to the Guelph Children’s Foundation.

So what about you?  How amazing would it be to have your wishes come true for a day? What would you consider to be your Dream Day?  I’d love to know! Besides…I’ll need some ideas for when I knock that number one item off my bucket list!





“Disclosure: I am part of the TELUS Grand Gestures Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”



  1. June 27, 2014

    Lisa (@runrgal2)

    Telus is a great company – with fantastic customer & community service! I, too, love those calendars! Hope you get to swim with the dolphins one day! That’s on my bucket list too! Along with a horseback trail ride getaway. Back to nature! 🙂

    • June 27, 2014


      So pleased to hear you feel the same way, Lisa!! You’ve obviously received great service from Telus as well 🙂 A fellow dolphin lover, eh? Hope you get the chance to do that too….or to go on a horseback trail ride getaway! Sounds awesome! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!

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