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The Power Of Personalization: Personalized Gifts Make Gift-Giving Even More Special

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Personalized Gifts

Lately, it has been the personalized gift making waves around the holidays. Simply put, a personalized gift is just an item that features one or more distinct markings or features, making it completely unique to the person receiving the gift. Usually this involves monogramming—a process of engraving an item with the initials of a person—or embossing a person’s entire name.

The explosive growth in popularity of personalized gifts can be attributed to a number of factors. The most likely reason being that technology has allowed many manufacturers to plan, produce, and deliver a finished product with minimal turn-around. Furthermore, the vast diversity of gifts available for personalization covers ever niche and demographic. In other words, no matter what the personality of the person receiving the gift—sports-lover, food gurus, tech enthusiasts, etc.—there will be something available that fits perfectly; even if the receiver is a pet.

While the number of personalized gifts available is overwhelming, like anything else, there are a few that are more popular than others. Some of the most popular personalized gift options can be seen below:

  • Photo-Related Gifts:

Nothing says personalized than a gift featuring photos oriented towards the person receiving it. This type of gift includes the simple, yet effective photo book, to something as elaborate as a digital collage. Why stop there though? Sites such as Snapfish allow users to upload their favorite pictures and use them to create memorable gifts. Not only that, but major retailers such as Wal-Mart are offering a much more elaborate photo experience, allowing customers to place photos on coffee mugs, t-shirts, and even quilts.

  • Engraved Gifts:

Engraving is a process of etching or incising a name, logo, or other design onto an item that transitions it from an everyday, mundane item to a personalized, thoughtful gift. Popular items being engraved include metal ink pens, glass sculptures, key-chains,  zippo lighters, and even cowboy boots to name a few. Having a gift engraved is the perfect way to take an ordinary product and making it feel as though it was custom-built just for the person receiving it.

  • Screen-Printed Gifts:

Screen printing is a printing method usually involving items such as apparel, purses, baseball caps, and other cloth-based items. Businesses commonly use screen printing to create company shirts, while many retailers use it to imprint a popular logo or design onto the front of a t-shirt. Screen printing has also become highly popular as a personalized gift option as well due to the fact that names, personal messages, and even photographs can be printed onto items quickly and cheaply. Personalized beer koozies or squishy stress balls just might make the perfect gift for Father’s Day, while a custom jersey would make the perfect personalized gift for the sports-lover in the family. Screen printing can be used on a variety of products making the notion of personalization convenient and affordable.

  • Truly “Personalized” Gifts:

Most of the options discussed previously involve the employment of professional services. However, one of the easiest methods of personalizing a gift, is to actually add your own personal touch to it. For example, the simple gift basket is one of the easiest ways to personalize a gift to a certain person as it allows you to include items that you know the person receiving the gift enjoys, or items that might hold special meaning or value.

  • His-and-Her Gifts:

Gender-specific gift giving has become quite popular over the years, especially when couples are involved. For instance, a young and active couple would be the ideal candidates for his-and-her workout apparel such as gym bags or workout shorts. The beauty of giving a gender-oriented gift is that is personalized on a whole new level. Popular gift items may include lighters and cuff links for guys, as well as bracelet charms and yoga pants for girls.

Never underestimate the aspect of personalization. Receiving a gift from someone is already a message in and of itself, but receiving a gift made specifically for you can take an ordinary gift to a completely new level. Businesses can show gratitude to individual employees, couples can reach a whole new level of intimacy, and best friends can become even closer. Personalized gifts let a person know that they are being thought of and that they are a valued part of your life.

One of my favourite personalized gifts is a locket my parents gave me as a child, with my initials engraved on it. Have you ever received a personalized gift?


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