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Top 10 Fun Facts About A Labour Of Life

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Top 10 Fun Facts A Labour Of Life

It has been awhile since I featured another blogger as part of my “Top 10 Fun Facts” series.

Back in March, I had the pleasure of spending a few days getting to know Linda from A Labour of Life during our time together in Orillia.

In Linda’s own words, A Labour of Life is her “view of the world from a Boomer’s perspective. Life begins at 50, a time where travel, food, wine and fashion merge together guilt free.”

I’m a big fan of Linda’s. I love her sense of adventure, spirit, sense of humour…and her fashion sense. I am in no way a fashionista myself but, I always find myself drawn to Linda’s posts to see what fabulous outfit she is wearing next.

Top 10 Fun Facts A Labour Of Life

I must admit, I am a little jealous of her flair for style. She always looks so stylish and put together! I also love the fun she brings to many of her outfits with their great colours, styles…not to mention the fabulous accessories she pairs with them.

But, A Labour of Life is not just about the fashion. You’ll find some great recipes and travel features on the blog, and…you’ve never seen anyone put together a spectacular tablescape like Linda!

Be sure to take a moment and join Linda over at A Labour of Life but, before you do, check out her Top 10 Fun Facts!


Top 10 Fun Facts About A Labour of Life

1. I am, by day, an officer with the Public Service Alliance of Canada. As a Union activist, people are often quite surprised when they find out that I write a blog and started in the blogosphere as a fashion blogger. Most people don’t actually think that Union activism and blogging go hand-in-hand, but they do.  It’s actually where the Labour in my blog title came from.  My life has been in the union, so why not make it part of my blog. Except, I never write about union, politics or religion. I get enough serious stuff at my job. This is my fun.

2. Many people initially came to my blog thinking “ labour” was about childbirth and mommyhood. I am pretty far removed from that. Hopefully they still found something they liked and stayed a bit but, who knows, cuz back then I had no idea about Google Analytics.

3. I originally started blogging because my step-sons unfollowed me on Instagram, because I was posting too many outfit selfies. Little did I realize that I would be posting way more on every channel if I wanted my blog to grow (they are Ok with it now and have “ followed” me).

4. I am a step-mom to two amazing step-sons who make me proud every day. I still get a thrill every time I say my boys. I also call my niece my daughter, and tell the world her son is my grandson, because those three kids, although not from me, are part of me. I have also adopted the other four guys in the band now, making me mom to six boys and one girl (plus anyone else they love to bring around).

Top 10 Fun Facts A Labour of Life

5. I am probably one of the few bloggers (in the last five years) who had no idea what a blog was when I started. My university roommate had a blog, or what I saw as a journal, and I figured, hey, that would be a fun way to show off my outfits.  I was so bad that, during the first three months of sharing, my outfit posts were all on the same page.  I had no idea a post and a page were different.

6. I waited till I had 1590 posts, and over 14000 pictures, before I realized it might be smart to switch to self-hosted WordPress. Then, one weekend, I took the plunge and moved everything over, ON MY OWN, after watching a YouTube video (eeks).

7. This one is going to shock you all, so hold on to your hats/shoes/boots. I love clothes and, quite possibly, could wear a different outfit every day for a year or more. Plus, at last count, I had 150 pairs of shoes, not including boots and sneakers, and almost the same amount of necklaces. I know you are totally floored by that piece of news, aren’t you?

8. My family lived in Saudi Arabia for seven years and I loved it. We saw places and things most people will never see, and I embraced the culture and the country.

Top 10 Fun Facts A Labour of Life

9. Kent is not just my partner (wow that sounds bad, NOT JUST), he is my best friend. We live together, commute together, and work together, and still want to spend all our time together.  It is possible to share work lives and personal lives, it’s all about balance (and leaving the office at the office).

10. Although I do not have a spotless house (it is very tidy), I am maniacal about making beds. No one leaves their room without making their bed, regardless of age, in my home. I have sent grown men who are visiting, back to their rooms to make their beds. I do not care who you are, the same rule applies equally to everyone.

Top 10 Fun Facts A Labour of Life

P.S. Fun additional fact…I am a fur momma to Lou, and may be addicted to napkin folds, tablescapes and roller coasters.


  1. August 3, 2017

    Linda Cassidy

    Thank you for the great introduction. You made me feel so very special. I am so glad we both said yes in March and that we all traveled together. My Ottawa Tribe keeps me going

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