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  1. 60 Icebreaker Questions For Your Next Blogging Or Social Media Event

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      A blogging or social media conference, or any conference for that matter, can be a fun and exciting event, full of valuable educational experiences, and lots of great opportunities to network. For many people though, a conference can be a very overwhelming and scary thing, especially if you aren’t...
  2. Where To Find Blogger Ambassador & Review Opportunities

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    Hot on the heels of my recent post about where to find blogger and influencer outreach programs, comes my list of where to find blogger ambassador and review opportunities. As evidenced by the number of readers who enjoyed my last post designed to help bloggers easily find outreach programs, I...
  3. Where To Find Blogger And Influencer Outreach Programs

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    When we published the first article on Canadian Blog House, we had no idea how, or where, to find blogger opportunities or outreach programs. We had the blog, we had the social media channels, and we were ready to start partnering with brands but… How would the brands find us?...
  4. I Got Trumped By Donald’s First Tweet

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    Whether you love him or despise him (I don’t like to use that “H” word), social media lovers, specifically Twitter users, are fascinated with the Twitter feed of President-Elect Donald Trump. Since he announced his candidacy for President of the United States, I’ve lost track of the number of times...
  5. Bloggers Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments In Blogging

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    Life is full of embarrassing moments, isn’t it? Well, it sure is for me. Sometimes I feel like the queen of embarrassing moments with all the crazy things that have happened to me over the years. Luckily I am the type of person that can laugh at myself. This means...
  6. 21 Great Gift Ideas For Bloggers And Social Media Fanatics

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    With Mother’s Day only a couple of months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about what to get that special blogger or social media fanatic in your life. Don’t be fooled though! Some of these ideas aren’t just for the women out there. I know a few men...
  7. Come On Canada! What If It Was Your Child? #AmberAlert

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    Last night, while watching tv, an Amber Alert flashed up on the television screen. Actually, this Amber Alert screeched into the living room, literally making me jump the first time it came on. Over the next hour (or so), this alert interrupted regular television programming a few times – updating...
  8. How To Make A Button Ad For Your Blog – The Easy Way!

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    I love blogging but, I don’t always love the technical side of blogging. As any blogger will tell you, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of every blog. For example, most blogs, like Canadian Blog House, have what’s called a “sidebar”. This is the...
  9. Best Practices For Influencer Marketing In 2016

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    If you love to read blogs, you may have already heard of Canadian blog Thrifty Momma’s Tips, written by my friend and fellow blogger, Paula. In addition to writing this great blog, Paula runs Thrifty Mom Media. Paula is always full of good tips, whether she is sharing information about...
  10. 3 Smart Social Media Resolutions To Kickstart Your New Year!

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    Many of us look to make personal new year’s resolutions at the beginning of each new year, but what about resolutions for your social media? You may not have thought about it but, there’s no better time than the start of a new year to take stock of your social...
  11. Some People Should Not Be Allowed To Tweet!

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    With its ability for users to share breaking news as it happens, Twitter has become the “go-to” source for breaking news and information whenever a big story happens around the world. Tonight, as I write this post, that big story is about the strongest hurricane in recorded history, Hurricane Patricia,...
  12. 5 Periscope Experts And Influencers You Should Be Following

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      Have you heard of the new social media channel called Periscope? Launched on March 26, 2015, Periscope is the newest social media buzzword that is getting a lot of attention from many high-profile social media experts. As of August 2, 2015, Periscope had surpassed 10 MILLION accounts! As Periscope...


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