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Top 10 Fun Facts About Lifeovereasy

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Recently, Canadian Blog House celebrated its one year anniversary, and to celebrate, I posted a blog listing the Top 10 Fun Facts About Canadian Blog House.  I had so much fun digging up some fun facts about my blog, that I thought it would be great to feature other Canadian Bloggers and their own Top 10 Fun Facts.


This week I bring you Dani and Nads from Lifeovereasy.  They are two fun-loving, globe-trotting sisters who’s motto when it comes to blogging is “you get two for the price of one”.  Be sure to stop by and check out Lifeovereasy,  where you can find blogs on everything from fashion to food and family,  and even fun!

By the way….I know which sister raced a camel…but I promised I’d never tell!

Top 10 Fun Facts About Lifeovereasy

1.  We’re 2 sisters who are all about family.  That’s pretty well a prerequisite with an Italian background like ours.  Even our dogs are brothers!

2.  Both of us have travelled extensively, covering about 33 countries between us, from Europe to Asia to Australia.  We have been to the Himalayas, the Sahara Desert, and Pacific Ocean islands.   The farthest south we have been is the tip of Tasmania, with the next stop south being Antarctica.  And the farthest north is Norway.

3.  One of us has raced a camel, but we won’t say which!

4.  Since starting this blog, we have written over 600 posts.  That’s a lot of words!  Not surprisingly, we can talk a mile a minute when we get together.

5.  We are complete opposites.  In fact if you combined our best traits, the 2 of us would make a really well rounded, pretty awesome person.  But if you combined our negative traits – yikes!  Run far and run fast!  For example, Nads is an amazing cook.  Dani avoids cooking at all costs, but she rocks at baking.  If we could take the best of both, there would be non-stop fabulous eating going on all day.

6.  Nads is very good at creative kitchen challenges.  You could ask her to make a kid-friendly nutritious breakfast food who’s main ingredient is beer, and she’d figure out something appropriate, probably waking up in the middle of the night with the right solution.

7.  Dani is an engineer and always thinks she can solve just about any problem, often to the amusement of her family.  Surprisingly enough, this perseverance often pays off.  If you are stuck in the desert with only a roll of duct tape and an empty coke bottle, Dani is the one you want on your side.

8.  We really believe in the power of the sister bond.  So much so, that we have spent the last 18 years brainwashing Dani’s 2 girls into believing in it too.  This makes for awesome sister road trips for the four of us, which we have tried out successfully twice – once across Canada to Prince Edward Island, and once down to New York City.  A must for any successful sister road trip is a long and whacky music play list that you can all sing along to.

9.  Like Dani and Nads, Lifeovereasy really gets around.  We have had visitors from Kyrgyzstan to Liechtenstein, from Botswana to Senegal.  And lots in between!

10.  The most important fact about Lifeovereasy is that we appreciate every one of our readers, and love every comment we get.  So come visit, let us know who you are, and stay a while.  We always love to meet new friends!



  1. March 22, 2014


    I just finished reading lifeovereasy about Dani and Nads. What a great team. I think that if I was in a room with them, they would have me laughing so hard, I’d pee my pants!

    • March 22, 2014


      Funny you say that, alexanernberg! I had the exact same thought 🙂 They make quite the fun team! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment!

  2. March 23, 2014

    Dani @ lifeovereasy

    Wow thanks so much for posting Sandy! Just got back from a holiday and I feel like I’ve become famous 😉 I love this series you’re doing – it’s always so great to find new blogs.

    • March 23, 2014


      Hehehe! My pleasure, Dani! I’m having so much fun finding out more about fellow Bloggers and their blogs! Really enjoyed reading yours 🙂

  3. March 24, 2014


    Fun sisters! And Happy Anniversary!

    • March 26, 2014


      I think they are, Laurel! Thanks very much 🙂 Appreciate you stopping by!

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