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Top 10 Fun Facts About The Koala Bear Writer

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In the 3rd installment of my Top 10 Fun Facts series, today I am featuring Blogger, Bonnie, from The Koala Bear Writer.

Bonnie blogs about motherhood, books, and family-friendly products.  When she’s not blogging, she loves spending time rock climbing, reading, or watching movies with her husband.

I love the story behind Bonnie’s mascot, and the inspiration behind the name of her blog, her stuffed koala.  I have a soft spot for favourite childhood stuffed animals as I had one for many years myself – my lamb called “Doggie“.

Bonnie’s blog covers a variety of great topics.  In particular, for book lovers, The Koala Bear Writer has an amazing section of book reviews to peruse.

Be sure to stop by and check out The Koala Bear Writer and say hello to Bonnie!


Top 10 Fun Facts About The Koala Bear Writer

1.   I frequently get told via blog comments and social media that koalas aren’t bears. I know. They are marsupials (like kangaroos). My blog is named for my mascot, who is a stuffed koala . He was a birthday present from a babysitter when I was about six and I apparently wasn’t very creative about naming him—but he’s been my mascot since then.

2.   I’ve written almost 1000 posts to date—actually, more than that because I’ve deleted a few over the past year that I felt no longer fit my brand.

3.   I started blogging in August 2006 (just after finishing university and getting engaged) as a way to encourage myself to write. So my blog has chronicled my wedding, all our moves, and the births of my three daughters (wow!).

4.   My top two referring sites are Pinterest and Google.

5.   For a long time, one of my top posts was this review of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni, which amuses me because it seemed completely random.

6.   I started blogging with Blogger and switched to WordPress this January.

7.   I review books for Tyndale, Thomas Nelson, WaterBrook Multnomah, Caitlin Press, Litfuse Publicity Group, Graf-Martin Communications, author friends and more. (Yes, that makes for a very big review stack!)

8.   I am part of several blog groups, including the Bible Gateway Blogger Grip, Yummy Mummy Community, West Coast Parent Bloggers, and the Canucks Bloggers Network.

9.   Last summer, I had the chance to do an unpaid blogging and social media internship with 5 Minutes for Mom, which rocked my world because I love their blog and had a blast getting to know more about blogging as well as hanging out with Susan and some other cool bloggers.

10. Most of my blog traffic comes from the U.S.



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