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  1. 7 Incredible Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

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      I love to discover new (to me) artists, and a platform like Instagram is the perfect place to discover some amazing artistic talent. I recently spent some time browsing artwork on Instagram, and discovered some incredible artists that I wanted to share with you. 7 Incredible Artists That You...
  2. Where To Find Free Things For Canadians

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    Let’s face it, we all love free things, don’t we? There’s no denying this fact after witnessing the recent Parks Canada giveaway. It was so popular with Canadians, the Parks Canada website crashed due to the influx of visitors scrambling to scoop up one of their free 2017 Parks Canada...
  3. Advice You Need For Helping Your Parent In Hospital

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    As our parents age, it is inevitable that we are often faced with taking our mother or father for visits to see doctors and specialists, and ultimately, spending time in hospital at their bedside, helping to care for our ill, or injured, parents. I recently faced this reality when my...
  4. You’ll Be Fit To Be Tied When You Realize How Often You Use Idioms!

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    When I was growing up, there were a whole lot of idioms in our house. Careful, I said idioms, not idiots. Big difference! Do you know what an idiom is? From “An idiom is a word or phrase whose meaning can’t be understood outside its cultural context. These expressions are usually...
  5. 11 Of Ontario’s Most Enjoyable Gift Shops

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    I am a big fan of gift shops. Especially Canadian gift shops that are full of Canadiana items such as Canuck-inspired maple syrup infused candies and fudge, moccasins, Group of Seven mugs, toques, and lumberjack shirts. I’ve visited many gift shops over the years. There are many that I adore,...
  6. If You Get The Chance, Take It: Saying Goodbye To A Loved One

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    Most of the time, writing about travel, an event, or the latest and greatest product, comes naturally for me. But not today. All of that seems so unimportant right now. It was only four days ago that my dear 83-year-old mother lost her balance, fell, and broke her hip. A...
  7. 7 Beauty And Fashion Hacks For The Non-Fashionista

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    When I was a teenager in the 1980’s, and into my early twenties, life was all about beauty, fashion, and music for me.  Jelly shoes, neon tops and accessories, wide belts, parachute pants, leg warmers. You name it. I was a walking billboard for 80’s style. And, no matter the...
  8. Remote Controls: A Great Father And Son Activity

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    Behind the scenes of Canadian Blog House is a great father and son team, my boyfriend and X-Man, who are the inspiration for many of my posts. Not only do they assist with product and travel reviews, they provide great feedback. I call my boyfriend my “idea man”, as he...
  9. 3 Smart Social Media Resolutions To Kickstart Your New Year!

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    Many of us look to make personal new year’s resolutions at the beginning of each new year, but what about resolutions for your social media? You may not have thought about it but, there’s no better time than the start of a new year to take stock of your social...
  10. 25 Reasons It Sucks To Have A Christmas Birthday

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    My mother was a Christmas baby. That’s right, she was born on December 25th. She spent 83 years celebrating her birthday on Christmas Day. For the latter part of her life, my family tried hard to keep her birthday “separate” from Christmas, and make her birthday a special thing. No...
  11. Cape Breton’s Tyler Mullendore On Verge Of Country Rock Stardom

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    It has been a whole year since I wrote about Cape Breton’s Tyler Mullendore winning eOne Music Canada’s Big Break Contest. Now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a professionally produced and recorded single and video under his belt, Mullendore is on the verge of country-rock stardom with the release...


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