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  1. The Parent’s And Grandparent’s Guide To Pet-Sitting

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    Canadian Blog House received compensation for this guest post sharing information for dog lovers about, a network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.    The Parent’s & Grandparent’s Guide to Pet-Sitting     What is Pet-Sitting? When pet owners travel, they typically look for local caregivers for their...
  2. Dental Health In Pets ~ Advice From Dr Ryan Llera

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    When it comes to dental health, pet owners sometimes forget how important good dental health is for their four-legged friends. Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy, by brushing their teeth, and taking them to the vet every few years for a proper teeth cleaning, is something that should be part of...
  3. How To Help Protect Your Dog From Ticks – Advice From Dr. Ryan Llera

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    You may remember Dr. Ryan Llera from his last guest post on Canadian Blog House where he provided some advice about homemade pet safe treats. Dr. Llera is back and ready to help us, and our dogs, face tick season. He’s got great advice on how to protect our dogs...
  4. Keeping Your Pets Safe Over The Holidays

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    As the owner of a dog who, at almost three years old, still loves to get into things, keeping my pets safe over the holidays is a big concern for me. If left to her own devices, Guinness would get into just about anything she could. LEGO pieces? She loves...
  5. Homemade Pet Safe Treats ~ Advice From Dr. Ryan Llera

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    Finding treats that are both safe AND tasty for our pets can be a difficult task. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce to you pet expert Dr. Ryan Llera, veterinarian with the Kingston Veterinary Clinic. My friend, Dr. Llera, agreed to share his tips on healthy and safe pet treats for...
  6. VitaLife – All Natural Dog Treats Made With Love

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      Dog owners know that feeding their dogs, whether it’s dog food, or dog treats, can be a difficult thing. Things like digestive problems, allergies, and fussiness, can make the search for the perfect dog food, and dog treats, seem like a frustrating science experiment! If your dog suffers from...
  7. Helping Bella With SierraSil’s Leaps And Bounds

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      “Oh dear. I notice your dog has a luxating patella.” These words were spoken by Bella’s vet the last time I brought her in for her annual examination. A “luxating patella”? I’d never heard of this term before. The doctor explained Bella’s condition to me, but of course I...
  8. Tick Tock! It’s Time For Tick Season! Are You Prepared? #CarePlus

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    Becoming infected with Lyme Disease doesn’t just happen by hiking through tall grasses. My niece, Jennifer, became infected with Lyme Disease simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, everything worked out well for Jennifer but, what if she could have found out if the tick...
  9. Talking Poop About Dog Food

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    What we feed our dogs can make or break their digestive system. Just like people, dogs can suffer horribly from food allergies and intolerance, leading to cramping, gas, diarrhea, and other chronic health problems. Sometimes even the “best” quality dogs foods aren’t good enough to curb stomach problems – as...
  10. Misfits Dog Treats ~ Feed The Funny! #Sponsored

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    Celebrate silly moments of fun with your dog! Any dog owner knows…silly moments and dogs go together.  Whether young or old, dogs just have a knack for doing silly things. My dogs are no exception.  Bella and Guinness practically spend their days being silly.  Sometimes I could literally spend a...


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