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  1. 12 Days Of Dickies Christmas #DickiesGiftGuide

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    Canadian Blog House Partnered with Dickies Canada on this Post – highlighting the Dickies 2017 Holiday Gift Guide featuring some great Dickies workwear for the man in your life. All opinions are our own.   This year, I’m revamping the 12 days of Christmas with some help from Dickies…and Santa of...
  2. Give The Gift Of Experience This Holiday Season With Breakaway Experiences! #MakingAList

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    Breakaway Experiences has sponsored this post for promotion of their experiences. Opinions expressed are those of Canadian Blog House. Christmas shopping is not something I tend to experience any difficulty with. I usually have gift ideas for everyone on my list. This Christmas, however, I’m stumped about what to get...
  3. 11 Of Ontario’s Most Enjoyable Gift Shops

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    I am a big fan of gift shops. Especially Canadian gift shops that are full of Canadiana items such as Canuck-inspired maple syrup infused candies and fudge, moccasins, Group of Seven mugs, toques, and lumberjack shirts. I’ve visited many gift shops over the years. There are many that I adore,...
  4. 7 Gifts I Love From Village General Store #MyVillage

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      Nestled in the heart of Ontario, in the quaint town of Creemore, a community of makers are doing something special at Village General Store. They are creating a village. A village based on wonderful memories of home. Memories like Grandma’s wooden spoon. Like Mum’s hand-knitted blanket. Like a handmade...
  5. 6 Perks Of Online Shopping

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    Wondering whether or not shopping online is worth your time? Here are six reasons why shopping online is so great, and so ideal for many Canadians. Discover why shopping online has many more perks than you may have thought of! 1. Discreet One of the biggest perks of online shopping is...
  6. 25 Reasons It Sucks To Have A Christmas Birthday

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    My mother was a Christmas baby. That’s right, she was born on December 25th. She spent 83 years celebrating her birthday on Christmas Day. For the latter part of her life, my family tried hard to keep her birthday “separate” from Christmas, and make her birthday a special thing. No...
  7. 7 Reasons Why Dad Needs Lampe Berger

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    Let’s face it, when it comes to keeping a home smelling fresh and clean, this task usually falls under Mom’s “to-do” list, doesn’t it? Watch any advertisement on television concerning air fresheners for the house, or odor eliminators for the kids’ sports equipment, and who is standing front and centre...
  8. Artollo: High Quality, Limited-Edition Art For You And Your Home

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    Every once in a while I come across a website full of interesting products, one that makes me stop to take a peek, only to find myself still browsing on that site an hour later. is one such site. Who is Artollo? “Welcome to Artollo, our exclusive creative studio for high-quality...


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