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  1. Ford Focuses On Sustainability And Gives Us A Taste Of The Future #FordFarmToCar

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    Henry Ford was a man who was ahead of his time. It was way back in the 1930’s when Henry was already interested in soybeans as a potential alternative to petroleum in the production of cars. Alternative fuel sources, and biomaterials, have now become the buzzwords of the 21st century...
  2. Super Easy Canadian Maple Taffy

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    Canadian Maple Taffy. If you’ve never tried this great Canadian maple treat, you don’t know what you are missing! It was my boyfriend who first introduced me to Maple Taffy, one of nature’s sweetest treats! It was his mother who indulged me by making me my first taste Maple Taffy....
  3. Patriotic Canadians Stand Up To Canadian Grocery Giant #FrenchsKetchup #Ketchupgate

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    Looks like we can add ketchup to the list of food Canadians are passionate about. French’s Ketchup to be exact. Canadians were seeing red today – and not patriotic, maple leaf red. It seems Canadians are now just as protective about French’s Ketchup as we are about our beloved Tim...
  4. Valentine’s Treats! Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

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    If you are a dessert lover like I am, any cake or cookie that includes “red velvet” in its name, is something you just have to try! Personally, I’ve never met a red velvet cake I didn’t like! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this recipe, from my friend...
  5. Exceptional Eateries In Syracuse, New York #sharecuse

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    We recently travelled to Syracuse, New York, nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Plateau in central New York State, for a relaxing “date weekend” away. Our objective was to explore another side of Syracuse, one that we Canadians often miss as we “shop ’til we drop” at Destiny USA....
  6. Mum’s World Class Chocolate Chip Cookies

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    No matter how you bake them, chocolate chip cookies are a favourite of most cookie lovers. For every chocolate chip cookie recipe you’ve ever tried, there are probably thousands more out there. Just ask Pinterest. I’ve never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn’t like. You will never hear me...
  7. The Food Network Is Full Of Tricks And Treats With Its Halloween Baking Championship! #BakingChampionship

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    It’s hard to believe but, Halloween is fast approaching. I’m already seeing Pinterest posts and Facebook shares full of all kinds of fabulous homemade Halloween-inspired treats. Halloween baking has become a big thing in Canada and the United States, and the Food Network’s upcoming “spooky” series, “Halloween Baking Championship” proves...
  8. Are You Ready For Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition? #WorstCooks

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    This September, Rachel Ray is joining Anne Burrell in the first-ever culinary boot camp for kitchen-challenged celebrities in the Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America – Celebrity Edition“! “They’re Not Famous For Their Food…Yet.” Maybe it’s because I don’t consider myself a very good cook and I think I could...
  9. Industria Italian Brasserie Gets Fresh With #Ottawa

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    Move over Mama! Industria Italian Brasserie has opened in Ottawa, and they are giving away one of your best kept secrets! Mama always keeps things FRESH in her Italian kitchen. Chef Sergio Mattoscio knows Mama is a smart lady, so when he created the menu for Ottawa’s newest eatery, the...
  10. Back On The Road With Food Network’s The #GreatFoodTruckRace!

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    The food truck industry has come so far in the last few years, especially here in the city of Ottawa. Food trucks are no longer just about your basic hot dogs, hamburgers and fries (although I happen to love food truck fries!). These days we have so many gourmet food...
  11. Camp Cutthroat Heads Into The Great Outdoors! #CampCutthroat

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      Hey Foodies! Your favourite show, Cutthroat Kitchen is headed into the great outdoors! “Head Counselor” Alton Brown hosts the five-episode special series, Camp Cutthroat, where twelve cunning chefs compete for victory and the chance to¬†win up to $75,000 in a tournament of outdoors-themed culinary challenges with a diabolical twist....


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